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Toddlers and salt

(10 Posts)
polkadotdelight Wed 04-Nov-15 19:52:57

How careful are you all about salt intake? DS is 13 months and I sometimes wonder if I am being too pfb. Its generally accepted that by this age they should be sharing family meals but somethings seem so high. I never add salt to cooking but if he was to have, say, beans on toast its a huge amount of the daily recommended guidelines. Obviously we dont eat foods like pizza frequently but I dont always have time to cook from scratch (or quite frankly the inclination at times!).

LibrariesGaveUsP0wer Wed 04-Nov-15 19:55:15

I have three and have literally never calculated salt intake. Some meals will be comparatively salty, but I am happy overall.

MrsAukerman Wed 04-Nov-15 19:58:31

I reckon it's always at the back of my mind but I wouldn't be crunching the numbers. DS is 11m but can eat adult portions at times. For example today he had toast and peanut butter (no salt no sugar one) for breakfast then ended up having cheese sandwich and crudités for lunch but also some sticks of cheese. Therefore I made sure his dinner had no salt at all in other than a tiny bit of cheese in the sauce.
Tomorrow I'll probably try to get more veg etc into him and less bread and cheese.
No way on earth would I calculate actual amounts etc. That way madness lies!

confusedandemployed Wed 04-Nov-15 20:00:30

I never add salt but never worry over the salt content of any processed foods that she eats either. She loves salt, just like her mum

Twistedheartache Wed 04-Nov-15 20:01:11

I was really careful with dd1 (pfb) & have been much more laid back with Dd2. Partially laziness & not being arsed to make different food for them & partly because I'm much more confident that the odd day of beans or bread at 2 meals for convenience isn't going to kill her.
Still don't cook with salt for either of them & take breadcrumbs off fishfingers/nuggets for Dd2 but I think it's like anything you are much more relaxed 2nd time round coz you haven't got time not to be

MrsBojingles Wed 04-Nov-15 20:58:47

I just dont add salt in cooking and make sure I don't buy anything too high in salt. Otherwise I don't worry.

ceeveebee Wed 04-Nov-15 21:04:13

I did when mine we babies but relaxed a bit after 12 months. I would use low salt beans, never have ready meals or jar sauces. I use low salt stock (Kallo) and never add salt when cooking, probably eat their own weight in cheese and bread though and DD loves processed/cured/smoked food so am sure well over the recommended limit

Snossidge Wed 04-Nov-15 21:05:37

I don't add salt to cooking and don't give them ready meals, but other than that have never calculated salt intake either.

imwithspud Thu 05-Nov-15 15:08:55

I worry less as they get older, dd2 is 3 and I still limit salt intake to an extent but not as much as when she was a baby. Dd2 will be starting weaning at the end of this month and as a general rule I stick of one slice of bread a day as a maximum, no adding salt to cooking and buying reduced salt varieties and extra water in a cup if a dish I've cooked does happen to be a bit on the salty side (she will be having what we're having for the most part).

Atenco Sun 08-Nov-15 05:32:16

Whao, I live 2000 meters above sea level, if I didn't add salt to the water, my potatoes and veggies would never cook.

Surely only people with high blood pressure need to cut down on their salt?

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