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Sleeping propped up

(3 Posts)
Merlin333 Tue 03-Nov-15 07:48:36

So cosleeping with dd as she wouldnt settle in moses basket for longrr than 15 mins. And have been unable to put down in day as would lay her on sofa but she wld stir and start squirming ( like shes uncomfortable) and wld then use breast just as a comforter when uncomfortable...gave in and got a dummy which has helped in the day but after mid evening feed she has really unsettled time she will eventually go offvin upright position but as soon as i transfer to bed it starts so last night i layed her on a flat pillow from the waist up and she settled the same thing happened in next feed but im pretty sure this wont be reccomended so am in a dilemma anyone else done this ?

zombieme8 Tue 03-Nov-15 07:58:49

My ds had reflux and was more comfortable propped up so I put an Argos catalogue under the legs at the head of the Moses basket. Same sort of angle as a pillow but baby still laid flat on a mattress then. Our moses basket was pushed next to a wall so wasn't unstable.

Nottalotta Tue 03-Nov-15 08:01:06

Also co sleeping due to DS not settling well in the Moses basket. He is flat on the bed now (3months) but started out laying on a feeding pillow next to me. He is bf and having him in this position when he was smallermade it possible to feed laying down. Fairly sure it is really not recommended but I couldn't cope with waking every 40 minutes.

Now he no longer needs the pillow and sleeps on top of the duvet between us. Again, not recommended but works for us.

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