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Nottalotta Tue 03-Nov-15 07:31:55

DS is only 3 months. Ive read thatvdribbling and having fingers/hands in their mouth is usual at this age and not a sign of teething.

The last week though, he puts everything in his mouth (or tries - usually still gets his fist) and is very keen to gnaw on my finger. Seems to like it if my finger is crooked and he runs his gums against my knuckle HARD! Made my finger a bit sore!

Does this sound like the start of teething?

youlemming Tue 03-Nov-15 09:26:33

Could well be, DD1 got her first tooth the day she turned 5m but I'm sure she was teething for a good few wks if not months before that.
DD2 has been doing the same the last couple of wks and is 3m, she also has the same greenish acid smelling nappies DD1 used to get and has white areas just under the surface of her gum.
I've used bonjela a couple of times and she's settled a bit, I put it on with a finger brush so she can have a good chew on it.

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