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How do you actually get everything done?

(11 Posts)
ohthegoats Mon 02-Nov-15 12:25:45

Or do you not?

I am forgetting vital/legal things like car tax, important things like getting work done, deadlines just past me by, yet I seem to have no time to do this stuff. I don't sit in front of the telly of an evening, every waking hour from 6am - 11pm seems 'full' of stuff that can't be 'not done'...

Drowning a bit I think...

BinToHellAndBack Mon 02-Nov-15 13:19:27

Not sure either - constant list of non-minor things that badly need doing and keep getting forgotten in place of day to day like.

A whiteboard list on the fridge had helped me to prioritise and stop things like bills/insurance/tax getting to the illegal stage, but it's still an ongoing chaotic mess.

Setting pretend deadlines on the calendar to give yourself a safety net before the actual deadline sometimes helps too!

I always have the feeling that if I could just wipe the 'to do' slate clean it would actually be manageable. The problem (or at least part of the problem) is that the backlog is so extensive it can never be cleared in order to start tackling the current stuff.

poocatcherchampion Mon 02-Nov-15 13:27:21

I can't sympathise with the problem too much but I can offer reassurance that I have now cleared the backlog and there is not much to do! Today I need to apply for children benefit and check our post pay day accounts. And neither is urgent.

I've got a couple more tasks like new baby thank you cards but its all in control.

It is a great feeling so persevere til you get there.

I've spent about a year kondoing, decluteering and generally opting out of tihngs - unsubscribing to emails and leaving face book groups. And not buying much.

It's very liberating!

SueGeneris Mon 02-Nov-15 13:30:05

I'm the same despite best efforts. Feel like I never stop as there is always more to be done. Was standing folding washing at 10pm last night and there's heaps more to be done. Forgot car tax for 2 months. Forgot to pay my NI. Kitchen table is piled up with kids drawings, letters, bits of Lego and all manner of detritus that needs sorting out.

I know I need a housework routine and a diary system, basically, but have yet to set up either of these. I have 3 dc and work from home.

Kim82 Mon 02-Nov-15 13:31:53

What is it that you're struggling to get done? Cleaning or household admin?

I have reminders on my phone for car tax, MOT and that sort of thing. I get emails when my household & car insurance are due so it gives me chance to do some comparisons. All other bills are paid by direct debit so I don't have to think about them so admin doesn't take long really.

Housework, when working I just did the basics through the week just to keep the place tidy (1 load of washing per day, tidy living room and clean kitchen). I then did a big clean - bathrooms, dusting, hoovering, mopping and stripping beds - at the weekend so it never got disgusting. I just clean as I go now though as I've been a SAHM since dc4 came along which I know isn't an option for some.

LBOCS2 Mon 02-Nov-15 13:39:21

I pay a lot of late reminder fees, if I'm honest. Particularly for the congestion charge blush

BackforGood Mon 02-Nov-15 13:42:27

1. Accept you will never have 'finished' household stuff - there's always more you could do, you just have to find a balance that works for you in terms of keeping relatively on top of things and living the rest of your life.

2. Like others, I put things like car ins renewal and MOTs etc on my calendar about 3 weeks ahead of when they are due, so remember to do those.

Vernonon Mon 02-Nov-15 13:45:55

I try to deal with all admin as soon as it comes in - otherwise it gets forgotten. I have a handy 'to-do' pad with a magnet on the back that goes on the fridge, and helps me keep track of work deadlines and other essential stuff like renewing insurance (though I managed to forget that this year). I have a hideous mom's family calendar so I know who is doing what - and when the next birthday is. And I have a messy house and lots of laundry everywhere.

You can't do everything.

pearpotter Mon 02-Nov-15 13:48:20

Google Keep, always have my phone on me so I make notes on there when I think of something. I set reminders in my phone calendar for very important stuff. Also have a family organiser calendar. But some stuff just doesn't get done for ever or for ages, and some days I can barely do the bare minimum. I just try not to forget the really important stuff. It probably will happen though. Since having kids I have forgotten one wedding and one non-uniform day. Never a kids party, oddly, but that is a common one.

cantucci01 Mon 02-Nov-15 13:55:53

i've got 2 piles, one is 'for action' and the other is 'for filing'. For general overdue house stuff like ironing, mopping floors etc. I have a draft email running 'to do' list in my email. I do miss things - I've got 2 small DCs, a ft job, a DH that works all the time & somethings just slide. My online calendar is my friend - if I mis-record or don't record things in there, I miss them as isolated bits of paper have no chance.

KatyN Thu 05-Nov-15 11:51:05

We normally set time aside on the weekend to do admin (and cleaning occasionally!). One of us takes our son out and the other blitzes the list.
We have two boxes in the dining room.. Action and to file. I never get to the bottom of the filing file. I just can't be arsed!!

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