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AnneSW Wed 06-Dec-06 18:38:03

Hi all, Before I start I am not advertising!!!!!

I am however a clinical hypnotherapist hoping to do the hypnobabies instructor course. Hypnobabies is a complete childbirth programme that advocates a wonderful birth for all.

In order to be able to do a course in the UK, I would need to find approx 20 other people who are interested in becoming hypnobaby practitioners. I believe You do not have to be a certified hypnotherapist or a child birth expert (although some experience of both is desirable) as you will be taught all you need to know on the course, the course would appeal to anyone who is looking for a full or part time career change and who is passionate about positive childbirth.

As said I am not associated with hypno babies and am doing this so we can have the chance to have this wonderful method in this country too.

The course I belive would be approx 4 days long and approx ?550. I fanyone is keen to know more, contact me and I can maybe answer your questions and pass on your interest to the relavant party.

Hope it was Ok to post this here.


twinkletinselpud Wed 06-Dec-06 23:08:33

it wouldve been except i don't have that kind of money by any stretch

PRIVATEPEANUT Thu 08-Mar-07 09:20:04

Hi Anne. I notice your post is a bit old now but I just want to say I am interested, with a BUT. I am 20 weeks pregnant, my second child is due in July. I am hoping to use hypnotherapy with this birth and am also looking for a career change somewhere along the line after this baby is born. I wondered how your search for other potential-trainees was going. Please get in touch with me so we can speak more off-line. Even if you have enough people to do the course, or you wish to do it sooner rather than later I would be interested to know more about what's involved with the training. By the way, I am using the Natal Hpnotherapy program at the moment but am a member of the Hypnobabies Yahoo News Group, and the course sounds great.
Thanks Jo

KirstyMorag Thu 16-Oct-08 08:17:40

Hi Anne and everyone else out there,

I don't know how you got on with your search to find interested people for the Hypnobabies course. I've just joined Mumsnet and think this is brilliant
I would be really keen to hear more about the course - costs and who runs it etc.
I am a mum (4 of my own plus 2 step-sons) and each birth experience was totally unique, I have a nursing background and am about to complete my diploma in Clinical Hynotherapy - and ** YES** I'm very interested in hearing more about the course.
However I am from West Central Scotland - so the travel might prevent me from doing the course anytime soon.


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