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Desperate for teething advice

(5 Posts)
MintSource Fri 30-Oct-15 09:55:37

Poor little 14-month-old Baby Mint has a first upper molar breaking through.

He has been writhing in agony and is hoarse from crying. My DH and I are sleeping two hours on, two off and have been for about a week.

He's mostly OK during the day but at night, when the saliva pools and the pain wakes him, I just wish there was more I could do.

We have tried/are using (not all at once!) Nurofen, calpol, anbesol, bonjela, capol teething gel, Ashton & Parsons powder, Camillia powder, cool teethers, vibrating teethers, cucumber sticks. About to try Bickiepegs.

Does anyone have any ideas of anything else we can try to make him more comfortable? And any experience of how much longer this may last?

PiccalilliSandwiches Fri 30-Oct-15 15:40:42

Personally, I'd take him to the GP. Writhing in agony is not normal for teething. He may have an ear or throat infection or some other problem. Ice pops may help. These are great for plain ice pops for little hands during the day.

BeaBoo Fri 30-Oct-15 15:43:44

My 22 month old DD is exactly the same at the moment. She's not too bad during the day, but has been waking up hourly at night. Also only sleeping 20 minutes in the day then waking up and screaming/thrashing around inconsolably for half an hour when she wakes up. It's awful!

I don't have any other suggestions as I've just been alternating Nurofen and Calpol, giving liquid anbesol and teething granules but I don't think there's anything else that can help. I did give her an ice pop the other day which she liked, but she won't have one again now confused

Just wanted to give my solidarity in the situation grin

MintSource Fri 30-Oct-15 19:20:19

Thanks for your replies.

Have tried chamomillia tonight.

I did wonder if there was more to it than just the tooth so will get him checked. He's drooling so much that he's going through a dribble bib every 20 mins. sad

Pandapickle100 Sun 01-Nov-15 08:52:05

The green part of spring onions, will stink but a natural pain relief!

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