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Sibling Rivalry-Help!

(4 Posts)
MamaMoose1 Thu 29-Oct-15 22:55:09

Hello, I'm after some advice for my two children. Basically my two sons 9 and 4, bicker constantly and it's really affecting me at the moment. I'm exhausted and just don't know how to deal with things, in order to restore some calmness in the house. They mostly bicker, sometimes a bit of pushing and pushing past one another (the oldest one is the main culprit for that). They don't try to solve their differences because to be honest there isn't any, they just like to wind one another up constantly. They both come to me and tell me what the other has done etc, but as I don't witness it, it's very difficult to know what has actually happened. How do I deal with this? The house has become stressful as a result. Generally, they do play well, when they do play together and they are close brothers, but I feel we really need something in place. Thanks for reading!

sugarplumfairy28 Sat 31-Oct-15 18:47:19

I wish I had an answer for you my 2 fight constantly DS and DD aged 6 and 4. Always wind each-other up, get into horrible fights over nothing, they physically fight and really into biting at the moment which I detest. When they play nicely it's wonderful. They simply don't listen to me and I have to get so angry for it to cross their minds it's not OK. I end up have to separate them completely and take away something they love to put a stop to it, but it is only short term and doesn't last long.

Tillytoes14 Sat 31-Oct-15 21:21:28

It's difficult isn't it Sugarplumfairy, it baffles me as when they do play together, they have a nice time and generally care about each other. They don't fight physically luckily, me and my sister used to fight physically and I look back and think how horrid we were to each other sometimes, but we get on great some times. I shout, not the right way I know and tend to separate, but some days it just never ends confused

ffffffedup Sat 31-Oct-15 21:27:40

My boys are 8 and 5 they torment each other constantly, my way of dealing with it is to just ignore as they both seem as bad as the other. I don't get involved with the tell taleing and he did this he did that nonsense otherwise it would be relentless. I think it's just siblings being siblings tbh thankfully mine don't punch bite hit etc so I can just ignore it and at heart they are really the best of friends

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