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How do you manage TV/Xbox time with age gaps

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jellyjiggles Thu 29-Oct-15 09:00:05

Ds is 8. Dd is 2. Ds is now wanting to watch more films that i don't think are appropriate for dd to watch. (deathly hallows, superhero films etc). These films tend to be a bit more dark and violent and although I'm not completely happy about ds watching dh thinks there isn't a problem with the weaker age 12 rated films.

We have banned a lot of films he wants to watch (age 12) because they're really not appropriate. His Xbox is also set up in the front room and were managing that well by restricting it, no Xbox live and he has to earn his Xbox time.

It's causing family problems. I'm very against a TV in his room but it's becoming more probable.

I want ideas please of how we get round this. Ds's temper is appalling and I'm sick of arguing with him. I'm sick of doors being slammed of having to physically carry him upstairs for time out in his room.

I don't know how to deal with this! What do you do in your houses?

whitelisbon Thu 29-Oct-15 09:05:45

Ds (9) has to wait until dts are in bed before he gets to watch anything inappropriate for them, he has a ps3 in his room but the controller is mine, and he's allowed to borrow it for short periods if he behaves.
Dd (12) has TV and ps3 in her room, again, I own the remote and controller.
They both get to earn screen time by completing chores and homework etc, and lose it for bad behaviour. Works for us.

PreciousxBane Thu 29-Oct-15 09:05:52

never have an xbox in his bedroom and I say that as a gamer. Once its there he may struggle with self regulation especially when he gets older. Personally I have a no tv rule in the bedrooms as its for sleeping.

I would buy a tablet or portable DVD player so he could watch films in his room sometimes so easily removed and put away. We let DS do this when he was small.

PreciousxBane Thu 29-Oct-15 09:07:57

White my friend kept the controllers but when her DS got older he bought one that she didnt know about for a while so just be aware. He was devious though as he had a proper gaming addiction.

Fairyfuckingprincess Thu 29-Oct-15 09:09:17

We only have a 2 year age gap so very different but if the eldest wants to watch something not suitable for the youngest then he has to wait until his younger brother is out.
I would say though that if the eldest is having tantrums at 8 I would be banning the violent films anyway. We have found that watching certain programmes made their behaviour terrible and they are much nicer children without them.
I also don't want a TV in their bedroom and nothing could make me change my mind until they are older. We do have a separate living room for the kids with a TV though so makes life easier when they want to play xbox etc.

jellyjiggles Thu 29-Oct-15 09:10:21

He would sit and play forever and that frightens me! I think xboxes and games are great for a small period of time but I see a change in him after he's been on it for too long. I don't like the change.

We are talking about a portable DVD player for Xmas for him.

PreciousxBane Thu 29-Oct-15 12:18:49

I think the portable DVD is the way to go.

I always sometimes get het up playing games but you do not take this out on others. Age doesnt always come in to it as well, adults have been known to rage and chuck their controllers at the tv and smash them, the idiots.

It is easy to sit and play forever if you are in to it, I'm having limited time at the moment due to RSI caused by gaming and working with a keyboard for almost 30 years as I worked using IT when it was in its infancy in the workplace.

Im lucky in that myself and teen DS still talk a lot about gaming and it keeps the communication channels open. Maybe have a go yourself?

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