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First birthday ideas

(2 Posts)
anna345 Wed 28-Oct-15 10:00:17

Hello everyone ia after some ideas for my daughters first birthday in December. I am keen to get her something that she will enjoy for a long time and try and avoid filling out house with more coloured plastic!!

I quite like the idea of a tepee but am not sure if she will enjoy this now and going forward or if I just think it will look nice in her nursery lol! or a wooden pram, is she too young ???

BackforGood Thu 29-Oct-15 00:32:59

Tricky when their birthday is near Christmas, as of course all presents arrive at the same time!

Have you got a little paddling pool ?
Sand pit?
Garden slide?
Rocker / see saw?
Swing ?

Just trying to think of things mine enjoyed using in the garden..... she will obviously have no idea now, but you might appreciate having them when Summer comes around.

Hopefully someone with younger dc will be along in a bit for some more 'current' thinking. smile

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