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What to do with a tired, non-napping toddler?

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LetThereBeCupcakes Wed 28-Oct-15 08:22:38

DS is 2.9 and has just about dropped his final nap (sleeps maybe once a week under duress). He’s still quite tired, though – just not tired enough to actually sleep. Any ideas what to do with him?

He’s either at nursery or we do activities in the mornings, so that’s not a problem. It’s the afternoons that are a trial. He just wants to sit on the sofa and watch Peppa bloody pig. He’s quite whiney, too.

Shall I Just let him chill on the sofa whilst he gets used to not napping? Or does anybody have any other ideas of quiet things we could do?

mintbiscuit Wed 28-Oct-15 10:57:56

Sorry I know it sounds obvious what I'm going to say but it sounds like your ds still does need a nap in the day. Maybe not every day but perhaps a few days in the week. My eldest didn't stop napping until about 4! (To be fair though he does come from a long line of people that love sleep! smile )

If you really can't get him to nap have you moved bedtime earlier to compensate?

In the meantime I don't see any reason why you can't have quiet time on sofa until he adjusts. Maybe some stories (maybe audio books too?) to vary things? Or long walk in the buggy to see if he drops off for a power nap a few times a week.

Millionprammiles Wed 28-Oct-15 12:00:40

Do you want him to nap? Do you want his bedtime to be earlier or later? I wouldn't waste time trying to make him nap unless its not fitting with his bedtime (ie is he wanting to go to bed at 5pm? If he naps is he still charging round the house full of beans at 8pm?)

Dd dropped her nap at 2.6, unless we were in the car at 2pm she didn't sleep all day. If we were going to be out past 7pm then we'd engineer a car trip otherwise we just had quiet time around 1-2pm (looking at books/sticker books, sitting on my lap listening to nursery rhyme cds etc). Sometimes dd just wanted to cuddle her teddies in bed on her own.

I found at that age tv made her more tired (though weirdly works a treat now at 3.5).

LetThereBeCupcakes Wed 28-Oct-15 15:30:03

Obvious is fine! I actually agree with you. Sadly DS does not. He has always been a sleep refuser and the tantrums we are now having over this nap are monumental. Yesterday was 45 minutes of tantrum, before finally giving in for EIGHT minutes of sleep, before waking up to continue the tantrum hmm.

Bedtime is the same (6.30-7.00), but when he doesn't nap he sleeps in in the morning (until about 6am, rather than the 4am we have when he's napped the day before).

I think he'd probably sleep in the car, unfortunately I'm a bit tied at the moment as one of my dogs has terminal cancer and can't be left for long, so a bit stuck!

waterrat Fri 30-Oct-15 22:03:45

Eek 4am is grim. Someone advised me to try story tapes in exactly the same situation and it's really sweet..I bought a special cd.player and stories and put it on...he can choose to lie on sofa or in bed. They find it relaxing. Or. difficult. I find the whole tired but not napping thing stressful. ..look forward to them out growing g it!

FreeButtonBee Fri 30-Oct-15 22:07:20

2.9yo twins. We have a film after lunch every day. I find better than endless episodes of tv programmes as films have finite end. Old disney are a particular favourite and a bit more gentle. I do have a 3mk baby too so need some quiet time!!

Littlef00t Mon 02-Nov-15 20:34:29

My childminder has the older kids lie on a mat with a blanket and pillow and they chill and I think watch tv. I was given a collection of children's books on cd that I'm hoping will be popular when Dd stops napping.

BasinHaircut Mon 02-Nov-15 20:46:13

I think we are getting to this stage so I'm place marking for tips!

DS is 2.3 and is waking between 4&5 every day. Problem is, he is a nightmare by 5pm if he hasn't napped but it's too early for bed!

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