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For a preview of the new Mumsnet Baby Bundle app - sign up to join our test group

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FrannyMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 27-Oct-15 09:53:31

Hello folks!

We’ve been working on an early version of an app for new parents, and would be very grateful if some of you fancied helping us put it through its paces.

The idea behind the app is to provide a one-stop shop for new parents - everything you might need in the early months of your baby’s life, from parenting info to medical content to a journal for logging weight, feeds and so forth to (of course!) our parenting talk topic.

These tests are for iPhone or iPad with iOS8 (sorry, no iPods or android for now).

To get a sneak preview, here’s what to do:
1. Make sure you’re logged into Mumsnet
2. Go to the sign-up page and enter your email (doesn’t need to be your MN email - just one you can access)
3. Look out for the invitation email from TestFlight - it will mention “BabyBundleUK”. Email will arrive within one working day.

We'd love it if you could give it a good workout and let us know what you think. Please bear in mind that this is still a beta version, so some things may not work perfectly. If you find something that's broken or think there’s something missing, please let us know.

At the mo the testing is for registered Mumsnetters only; if you can't see the sign-up page, please check you’re logged in.

>> Sign up for Mumsnet Baby Bundle testing here <<

Thanks in advance for your help - looking forward (I think) to your feedback.

Poppytime Tue 27-Oct-15 20:19:07

I am signed in but when I click on the link it says the page I am looking for doesn't exist?

FrannyMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 28-Oct-15 09:39:45

Thanks for the feedback Poppytime. Please try again.

We have fixed the problem and the link should work now. blush

>> Sign up for Mumsnet Baby Bundle testing here <<

comeagainforbigfudge Wed 28-Oct-15 10:16:56

thlsmile done

Poppytime Wed 28-Oct-15 11:36:43

Thanks! Working now smile

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