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Co sleeping

(13 Posts)
Merlin333 Sat 24-Oct-15 10:45:25

I always said i wouldnt let my child sleep in my bed!! Now my 2.5 wk old spends more time in my bed as she just will not settle in moses basket i have to wait 2 hrs for her to feed wind and settle long enough for me to put her down and she normally wakes and screams with in 15 mins hmm i follow the co sleeping rules and she is alot more settlef so at least we get sleep!! But how and when do you stop this as i dont want to make a rod for my own back ...any one done this and sucsessfully got little one in own space ? Xx

MilkyChops Sat 24-Oct-15 10:52:22

Your LO is still very very little and adjusting to life outside the womb takes ages.

We coslept until 4 months when he then moved into his big cot and has slept there successfully since.

I think it becomes a problem when it starts affecting your own sleep. I got nervous when he started rolling and it prevented me sleeping. That's when he went into his own cot. Others successfully cos cosleep for much longer. It is also the norm in many cultures.

I wouldn't worry to much for now your baby is so small and new. She obviously needs your comfort at the moment.

DarkNavyBlue Sat 24-Oct-15 11:02:22

Still co sleeping here about half the time (cos it's nice) and DD is 7.

BertieBotts Sat 24-Oct-15 11:09:13

Co slept until 2.4 and then DS went off to his own bed and never looked back smile

You can move them out earlier too. Throw the idea of a rod away, what matters is what works right now.

NickyEds Sat 24-Oct-15 14:57:53

We co slept for the first 5 weeks ish with dd (14 weeks)before she started to settle in her moses. Since then we've brought her in if she wakes up early as it's too much of a pain to resettle her before ds wakes up.

southlondonbaby Sat 24-Oct-15 16:43:35

Hey, my partner was quite anti-co-sleeping before our 1st LO arrived. The first two weeks the baby slept on one of our chests while the other one of us watched in case we rolled on her (think we were a bit delirious tbh!)

After week 2 LO slept in our bed - no duvet, foamy, not fluffy pillows, with myself or partner curled around little one (arm out to safeguard against us rolling). We have a low bed and a side cot that she never sleeps in.

As long as you do it safely and consciously and NEVER after you've drunk,done drugs or if either of you is a smoker, I don't think it's an issue (although our baby is only 7 weeks so time will tell!)

I do love the snuggles and watching her dreaming, then waking up with her face near mine.

southlondonbaby Sat 24-Oct-15 16:44:43

p.s. I know you follow the rules, sorry didn't mean to lecture! grin

Frolicacid Sat 24-Oct-15 16:50:01

We ended up buying a sleepyhead in the same situation because I was so worried about squishing him.
He's 8 weeks now and it's been a godsend in the he sleeps really well and it fits in the crib we have so we are using it to get him used to sleeping in there gradually. He now sleeps 1/2 the night in the crib.
They're not cheap, but have a good resale value.
Congratulations on your new arrival flowers

Lunastarfish Sat 24-Oct-15 17:51:48

We co-slept from 3 days until 8 weeks. At that point I (reluctantly) started putting dd in the crib but until 12 weeks she still mostly ended up in bed with us as I found it easier to breastfeed her to sleep.

She 14 weeks now and will go down in crib for the first part of the night then comes into my bed when she wakes for a feed but the last couple of nights I've been able to put her back in her crib after a feed but only if I change her nappy first.

As a pp said, I enjoyed Co sleeping and it got me through the early breastfeeding stage but I noticed at 10 weeks that my dd slept for much longer in her crib than with me as I kept waking her by mistake so I started to make more of an effort to put her to sleep in her crib.

icclemunchy Sat 24-Oct-15 18:06:04

DD1 co slept from 6 weeks till about 8months when she went in her cot. DD2 still cosleeps now at 9months.

I'm very much a do what gives me the easy life now kinda person grin

Merlin333 Sat 24-Oct-15 21:29:00

Thanks everyone! Its definatly the best option for now, its just good to hear they will adjust with time x

NickyEds Sat 24-Oct-15 21:31:42

I also sort of depends on how much of a "rod" having your baby in your bed would be. My sister had her first two in bed with her at least part of the night until they were 3 (her third always slept in his cot as there wasn't room in hers!)but she enjoyed it so it wasn't a rod at all. A friend is currently having a nightmare getting her 2.5 year old to sleep in her own bed and it very much is a rod for her!
With ds we spent the first two weeks with one of us awake holding him at all times we were absolutely exhausted but we were too scared to co sleep. He's 22 months now and it never even occurs to him to want to come into our bed. With dd we decided to co sleep from the get go just to get some sleep but very much want/wanted to get out of the habit fairly quickly if we can as, on balance our preferred sleeping arrangements would be kids in their own beds. Some people, like my sister want their babies in with them.

ODog Sat 24-Oct-15 22:00:54

Please don't think about 'rods' now. Your baby is tiny and you sound like a lovely instinctive parent, doing what your baby needs at this time. You will also know when the time is right for your family for her to sleep independently. We still cosleep about 50% of the time with 16mo DS and dos full time up until about 9/10mo. He has no issue going in his own bed on some nights and other nights he needs us. We are ok with it, so we let it happen. We are due another baby shortly before he turns 2 and are currently planning how sleep arrangements will work then. Not sure how it will go but I hope I will instinctively know what's right for the whole family then.

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