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My 8 year old DS is very slow with writing and other things.

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KiwiUKMumof3 Thu 22-Oct-15 13:30:29

We had parents evening last night and we had the same comments we get this time every year. "He is so slow and isn't producing enough work"! He has just started in Year 4.

When it came to learning to write, he was a late developer. He had trouble holding the pencil and putting enough pressure to make a mark. His writing is still bad and his teacher last night made a comment that his writing is very light and difficult to read because he doesn't seem to be able to press hard enough on the paper.

He has a wonderful imagination and great ideas but it takes him ages to write anything, which means he doesn't produce much work at school or he has to stay in at break or misses out on things because he has to finish something. It takes him a long time to get settled when he knows he has to write something. He will mess around with his pencilcase or something, as if he is putting off writing. He will start writing and then he'll stop and look like he is dreaming or getting distracted. Last Monday the class did a comprehension test with 3 sections, each section having 15 questions. His teacher said the majority of the class got all 3 sections done in the time, he only did one section, but what he did write was very comprehensive and actually really good.

He is a twin and him and his sister are in the same class (it's a small school). They often bring things home that they have done in class, my DD has always finished everything and my DS's will be half finished. When I ask him why he didn't finish it, the answer is always "I ran out of time Mum".

His reading is fine, maths fine, science ok. He is a great listener and has a wonderful imagination and a great memory. He can tell you every team in the Rugby world cup and with football. Who played who and the scores. His teacher said he has the ability to do well but just doesn't produce it on paper.

They do swimming at school and he is always the last child to get dried and dressed. He has been a bed wetter until just recently. He still does wet some nights but not like he used to. He plays rugby and loves it but is a slow runner. He can be slow doing some things as if he isn't focused or concentrating.

His teachers I think just think he is lazy and maybe he is but I have this gut instinct that something isn't quite right. He is behind the rest of the class. His teacher doesn't know what to do as she hasn't seen anyone of his age so slow.

Just as an aside, he can't urinate standing up. He say's it doesn't come or he has to be really desperate to go that way. Once he sits on the toilet he is fine.

I just don't know if all these things are related or not? Talking to him he comes across as an intelligent loving little boy.

Every year at school is the same and I just feel we need to do something now, before he gets into Year 6 in a couple of years and has to do SATs. We aren't sure what we can do though. We don't know where to start.

Any help/ideas greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Tillytoes14 Thu 22-Oct-15 22:53:20

My sons parents evening was very similar, doesn't get enough work done, struggles to focus with his work. School have their concerns and are speaking to an educational psychologist, the difference is my son has Tourette's syndrome, which is also closely related to ADHD and ADD, so we will get a professional opinion within the next few months. Apart from that he is lovely, caring boy and is excellent at drawing and I'm pretty convinced from his work, he will be an artist one day. I hope you manage to get more support from the school, to help your son.

KnockMeDown Thu 22-Oct-15 22:56:57

Have you considered dyspraxia?

TigerFeat Thu 22-Oct-15 23:01:58

Have you spoken to your GP?

KiwiUKMumof3 Fri 23-Oct-15 17:32:55

Thank you for your replies. I took him to our GP today and he thinks he needs to have an education assessment. He talked about dyslexia and said it comes in many different forms. Anyway, we need to have a meeting with the Headteacher after half term and the school need to arrange for the assessment their end rather than the GP. So fingers crossed we will have some answers in the next few months.

Thanks again.

KiwiUKMumof3 Fri 23-Oct-15 17:34:16

Tillytoes hope you get some answers soon too xx

Tillytoes14 Fri 23-Oct-15 22:27:38

Thank you KiwiUKMumof3. Xx

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