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Halloween party 6-7 year olds

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henryscatoscar Mon 19-Oct-15 10:32:35

Hi, I'm going to have a little Haloween party for my 6 year old son and lots of his class. They range from 6-7 years old. it may be 20 or so monsters/vampires etc.
I would like some ideas for some haloween party games and party food. We have lots of outdoor space so this may help.
They are sort of borderline with the scarey VS young children thing.

any help or advise would help.

gamingmum Tue 20-Oct-15 18:55:17

Search for Mary berry brain cake. It's a really tasty cake and looks like brains.

Also make cupcakes and top with crushed up oreo biscuits to look like gravel and put gummy worms sticking out. For gravestones you can use half a bourbon type biscuit and pipe rip on it ad also stick into the icing.

Also bobbing for apples! A

ExplodingCarrots Tue 20-Oct-15 19:03:54

I'm throwing a Halloween party and come across a game where the children pair up and are given a loo role each and one has to make the other into a mummy and the fastest wins.

I would highly recommend having a look on Pinterest , I got a lot of ideas on there.

daisydalrymple Tue 20-Oct-15 19:30:32

Bobbing apples

spooky statues - like musical statues, but when the music stops they have to make a scary pose (Asda etc will have now-type Halloween compilations in)

Stick the spider on the web (so draw a spiders web on a3 black card, stick it up, then they have a go at sticking a spider on the web, blindfolded, closest to the middle of the web wins).

Draw a spooky face on a satsuma

Broomstick relay - asda/tesco sell broomsticks for around £2, I got a couple last year and split them into 2 teams, then they run round a pumpkin or something back to their team and pass the broom back to the next person.

Colouring corner if you can print out some Halloween type pics off the internet. Also I cut out spooky shapes and bunting shapes out of card (spiders, bats, witches hats, pumpkins etc) and they made bunting

Get some jelly worms sweets, and different colour jelly (think I used green, orange and purple or red), then make up one of the jellies, put some of the worms in a bowl, add the jelly and let it set, then go the same with the next two colours and rest of the worms.

We also did the mummy game mentioned up thread.

Oh and a spooky treasure hunt, - you can have gold / silver coins if you want as the Christmas choc coins are in the shops now, but also some gruesome finds, age appropriate

And you could have the option of a couple of spooky cartoons (scooby doo/ tom& Jerry Halloween DVDs are usually £3 in asda at Halloween)

Spooky themed pass the parcel

To be honest I've usually found they don't end up playing everything, as the time goes by so quickly. Last year ds1 and his friends loved the spooky statues (they were 7) Dd and her friends preferred the craft type activities (5): ds2 was 5 days old grin I'm hoping this year will be a bit easier, as the 8 year olds are a bit cool for too many games!!

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