9 wk old baby has sleep problems due to mucus/phlegm

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clairejs1 Mon 04-Dec-06 11:10:39

This is my first post in the forum.
Our 9 week old baby son has problems sleeping at night due to mucus / phlegm in his throat. He's had this since he was 2 weeks.
We have seen the doctor twice and the health visitor several times. They suggested to ; raise the head-side of the bed, humidify the air in the room, use nasal drops to clear the congestion, which we did. But none of these seems to have worked.

We can constantly hear the rattling noise in his throat. He does try to clear his throat, sometimes coughs, but without success. He makes very loud noises, and he's clearly in discomfort. We are worried that he will choke himself.

He basically cannot get a decent night's sleep because of this. He gets comfortable only when I pick him and then he goes to sleep when he's upright on my shoulder / chest.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar to this? How long did it last?
What was the cause / and the treatment (if any)?

Please share your thoughts and experiences as we are desperate for him (and us) to get some comfortable sleep at night.


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mummyplonk Mon 04-Dec-06 11:12:56

Oh you poor thing, am afraid only have experience with chest infections with little ones (both Ill as I type) my friend told me to put wet muslins smothered in vicks on a warm radiator in their rooms and it did seem to make a difference last night, hope this helps, good luck.

worleywinterwonderland Mon 04-Dec-06 16:46:17

hi, we had this problem with ds2, hes now 5 months. in the end i layed him on his side,as he didnt gurgle so much then, its got a lot better now. also we found out he had a milk allergy and so i have had to cut stuff out of my diet whilst still bf him as it made him worse when i had been drinking milksakes etc. are you bottle or breast feeding?

crayon Mon 04-Dec-06 19:02:17

When DS3 had a cold at 8 weeks I left the shower running and windows closed until the bathroom was very steamy, then sat with him in the steam. I think it helped loosen him up a bit.

Papillon Mon 04-Dec-06 19:06:43

Chop up one raw onion. Put it into a muslim cloth and put near the baby when sleeping. It helps them breath. Works for us

shrub Mon 04-Dec-06 19:16:00

My ds2 had a rattling wheezy noise in his chest/throat and we took him to a cranial osteopath who specialised in children. he cleared the congestion in 2 sessions. he comes highly recommended - if you are anywhere near devon i could cat you his number.

clairejs1 Tue 05-Dec-06 08:25:09

Thank you all for the messages,
I have tried wet muslin smothered in vicks, and it didn't work. Will try copped raw onions in a muslin cloth & also laying him on his side.
If all else fails then we will go & see a cranial osteopath.
Shrub;we are quite a distance from Devon (Middlesex), but thanks for offering to give C.O details.
Worleywinterwonderland; I am bottle feeding him. He's never had any problems with feeding or any other apparent milk related discomfort, but if the problem remains we'll have to consider other options such as different brand etc.
Pls keep the suggestions coming.
In any case, it is good to know there are others who have similar experiences.

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pharmacoco Fri 12-Mar-21 07:29:27

I wish this was still active as we are having the same issue shock

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