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My baby screams when he poos

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TaliZorah Tue 13-Oct-15 13:01:53

My little one has had feeding issues from day 1. He was in NICU and fed through a drip then a tube, I tried to breastfeed him but he cut me to pieces and constantly fussed and screamed. Switched to formula, started arching his back, screaming, squirming, constipation, green smelly pops, distress when pooing. I was told he most likely has a milk allergy and now he's on similac alimentum.

He's better on this milk but he still spends hours straining, farting and screaming. Not a little cry, a shrill piercing noise that's awful. This goes on for hours until he finally poos, which is soft but still very offensive smelling. He's very windy but fights being burped.

He's started fussing with his bottles. I've tried so many different types and teats but he still gulps air and screams when feeding. I've tried infacol, gripe water, baby gaviscon...nothing helps much although infacol is a little better. He won't sleep all night because he is screaming and farting.

He's been referred to a pediatritian. I had him checked for tongue tie and been told his tongues fine, I personally can see a lip tie but they said they won't do anything about that.

I am at my wits end. I'm a single mum and have depression and the lack of sleep and constant screaming is making me feel like a failure.

He's 7 weeks and gaining weight normally

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