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HELP!!!! any ideas 4 dd birthday party age 9 going on 19

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cruisemum1 Sun 03-Dec-06 17:46:12

dd turns 9 in January for a small all girls party. we have ds age 12 weeks so minimum of fuss maximum of fun ! All ideas gratefully received!

cruisemum1 Sun 03-Dec-06 17:47:16

sorry - half the sentence got erased! i wanted some ideas for a party! thanks

zippitippitoes Sun 03-Dec-06 17:49:29

nail art..little finger nail transfers you finish off opitionally with nail varnish

cruisemum1 Sun 03-Dec-06 17:57:24

sounds good. do you get someone it to do it or do it yourself?

zippitippitoes Sun 03-Dec-06 18:01:09

do it yourself ...Pretty nail designs make a perfect buy for a girlie sleepover or party bag gift. There are about fifty colourful and glittery nail decorations on each sheet. Very popular about 60p each sheet

also body jewellery stick ons are quite pretty

cruisemum1 Sun 03-Dec-06 18:08:05

that's defo the right sort of idea but I would love it if someone else could run the party what with 12 week old ds ]!
Have you done a party like this? What age group?

zippitippitoes Sun 03-Dec-06 18:09:51

I think you can get pamper parties for girls..or do you know a budding 15 year old and friend who would do it? Under your distant supervision?

cruisemum1 Sun 03-Dec-06 18:12:01

the 15 year old friend idea is fab! I could probably fine one of my dd's older school friends. You are a genius!

cruisemum1 Sun 03-Dec-06 18:21:27

anyone else out there got any great ideas (better still if they are tried and tested...

2sprogsmum Sun 03-Dec-06 18:24:50

Ohhhh it would be so lovely if you lived near me cos my friend does pamper parties for little girls. She would come to your house and sort it all out for you. You wouldnt have to lift a finger! I live in glos by the way!

cruisemum1 Sun 03-Dec-06 18:49:25

that would be just ideal! but.... i live in london

DimpledThighs Sun 03-Dec-06 18:57:13

could you do a pamper party where they do the pampering? Split them in half and for the first hour one group are the pamerers (nails, massage, facial (with pretendy stuff, e45 face masks etc.) and then they all swap over. You could just shout from the sidelines.

Otherwise children, car, cinema, frankie & bennys - all done by someone else.

kama Sun 03-Dec-06 18:58:47

Message withdrawn

WestCountryLass Sun 03-Dec-06 19:37:33

Would she like to go bowling or something? Or is there a ceramic studio near you that does parties where they can paint a plate? Makes it easy on you then as out of the house

John Lewis used to do kits for parties (arts and crafts type things) but not sure if they do them now.

Good luck!

christie1 Sun 03-Dec-06 20:01:12

it depends on if you want to go out for the party or have it at home. I did one when my dd turned 8 and having younger children at home wanted minimum fuss. I set up a dance room in the basement with music and some old dress up clothes and they danced and had a blast and I stayed upstairs. I jsut sent up a cd/tape player and left them to pick out songs. I then set them up at a table and they painted ceramic faces (I bought them in a pound shop). Then we had pizza and cake, opened presents and sent them home with a small gift (bought a bunch of cheap jewlery at the same pound shop and let them pick from a bag what they wanted). All seemed to have fun.

cruisemum1 Sun 03-Dec-06 20:03:02

such good ideas - I am spoilt for choice now . I have just casually run a few of your ideas by dd and she loves the idea of arts and crafts party. There is a company called Baker Ross who do craft packs etc. who I can order stuff from. Anyone done an arty party? Or anyone who can recommend similar? You are all so helpful

cruisemum1 Sun 03-Dec-06 20:07:41

Christie- sounds similar to the party we had last year when dd was 8. Must be a popular one at that age! We did not have it at home though. We had it in a very small hall just perfect for little ones. It was a fab party but now there are far less being invited so it may be a bit of a let down with so few coming (around 6 - 8 I reckon). Keep those ideas coming though. It is getting my creative juices flowing!

DimpledThighs Sun 03-Dec-06 21:01:10

if you can run to it could you do a party at some arty place? WE have a place near us where they do ceramic painting parties and they seem to run themselves. You just need to bring some food and then sit back and feed baby.

Do you have any arty friends who would help / run this kind of thing for you? You could ask them to do it when they ask what to get you for the new baby!!!

WestCountryLass Sun 03-Dec-06 22:03:55

I haven't done a crafty party, but here is a planner:

Some of it seems aimed at younger kids but you bget the idea!

cruisemum1 Mon 04-Dec-06 07:45:59

this is great. thanks for the lionk. i'll check it out after school run. thank you!

BeadySue Mon 06-Jun-11 15:40:19

I hold beading parties for children aged 5 and upwards.So far has been great success lots of fun and I love it too.I hold them at my local paint and play centre in Hullbridge or i can do them at your home.

annabellejones Tue 16-Aug-11 22:03:20

I have just celebrated my little girl's birthday and we had a sort of build a bear teddy bear party at home we bought our bear kits from a website called It was very reasonably priced the teddies were lovely and soft and a great hit with the children. Making up the bears and playing on the games which came with the kits.... kept them busy for hours! Her party was the talk of the school for weeks! smile

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