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Really basic mobile for primary child?

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Fuckitfay Tue 29-Sep-15 20:54:39

I'd like my yr 4 child to be able to ring and text me from a basic phone. Her after school activities and arrangements are getting more and more complex and my husband and I work complicated shifts. There's been a couple of incidents where arrangements have got confused. Whilst they've been sorted out I would feel happier if DD could just call me and ask where I am or where she's meant to be and i could find her if she's ended up at the wrong place. I am also happy to leave her for up to half an hour in the house alone on occasion (eg doing her homework while I pick her sister up from elsewhere) but we don't have a landline so want her to have a basic mobile on those occasions which she can call and text from. I am happy to take the risk of it getting lost during the day and am thinking I might be able to get a basic phone with no games etc for around 20 quid? Had a quick look online and can't see anything basic enough though! She has a locker at school in the day and I will be very clear with her it is ONLY for emergency use and is to stay in her locker until after school. Can anyone recommend a basic phone their primary aged child has for these purposes?

megletthesecond Tue 29-Sep-15 21:02:32

I've bought a spare PAYG phone for 8yr old ds to use. It's a Samsung keystone 2. No blue tooth, no camera, certainly no Internet access and only Suduko grin. £10 in O2 and a tenner top up to get it started. I've never had a PAYG phone before and I've noticed it's very expensive to make calls, I hope I can eventually get a cheaper card or something. For the time being ds will only have it for days out, it's not a daily phone yet.

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