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Terrible twos...?

(6 Posts)
LiamsMum Wed 01-May-02 11:54:40

I've just had the day from hell. My happy, easy going, even-tempered little boy was just horrible today... in fact I think it's been building up over the past week. He'll be two in July so I'm wondering if it's an onset into the 'terrible twos'. He's particularly irritable when teething and I know he's got a couple of molars coming through, but I literally could have murdered him today!!!!!!!!!!!! He was whiny all morning, then I took him to the shops where he was ok but when I went to put him in the car to go home, he screamed and kicked his legs, then cried half the way home. After lunch he cried/whined about everything and did everything he knows he's not supposed to do. Then I tried to take something from him that could have been harmful to him, so he screamed and threw himself on the floor, hence putting his tooth through his lip and there was blood everywhere. I felt terrible and was almost in tears by this stage. He recovered quite quickly and proceeded to carry on removing the contents of as many drawers/cupboards as he could. Then tonight while he was in the bath, he pulled two dry bath towels into the bath with him and just smirked at me when I told him off. So after I composed myself and finally put him to bed, I burst into tears and had a glass of wine or two. (Husband is conveniently away on business all week!!) Sigh... is this really what it's supposed to be like???

sobernow Wed 01-May-02 12:26:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Janus Wed 01-May-02 13:00:04

My daughter is 2 in July too. She has just starting 'fighting back' on a few issues, such as getting her back in the pram after she has been walking for a bit. I thought I was quite lucky as all my other friends similar aged children had been doing this for quite a few months now. I find if I immediately try and distract her it's better, ie saying 'ooohh, look at the birdie over there', whilst getting her arms in her harness at double speed!! She's just started to wriggle when we have to get back in the car too and I now have one of those jingly-jangly, drive you mad, nursery rhyme tapes so as soon as that goes on she absolutely calms down.
I am now trying to be firmer with boundaries, eg this morning she was playing with felt tips and kept putting them in her mouth so I said no and if she did it again, I took the pens off her and explained why. After about 10 mins I gave them back but if she put it back in her mouth they were taken away, again explained why. I'm guessing she is starting to understand things now and think if I am firm on this sort of thing it may help??!!
Cupboards, ah, can't be bothered to fight that yet and let her get on with emptying them if it gives me 5 mins peace!!!
I guess we are heading towards the terrible twos but think that if we have enough energy to either constantly distract or reinforce rules we should get there!
I also find copious wine once they're in bed is an excellent way of unwinding!

Azzie Wed 01-May-02 16:03:21

Sounds like the terrible twos to me. My dd started with a vengeance at 18 mths. Now she's 2.5 and the tantrums have decreased in frequency but increased in intensity and length - obviously she's developing some stamina!

Repeat after me: It's only a phase. It will pass.

Ds is 4.5 and is so easy compared with dd - I'm hanging on to the fact that she'll get there one day too!

tigermoth Wed 01-May-02 16:35:51

Liamsmum, in answer to your question - YES!

This devil stage will pass though IME, you won't be left with an angel. Rather you get an imp who can see reason if it is persistently and firmly presented to him.

Suddenly you see why some mothers coo so much over newborns!

LiamsMum Fri 03-May-02 03:07:18

DS has been an angel over the last 24 hours... smiling & saying "Mum Mum Mum", actually OBEYING me when I tell him not to do something, gave me lots of cuddles, sat still while he had his hair cut this morning and then was angelic when I took him grocery shopping. Baffling isn't it - some kind of multiple personality disorder perhaps...? It's certainly much nicer on the GOOD days.

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