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Bumps and bruises?

(4 Posts)
WinterForest Wed 16-Sep-15 19:19:55

Every since my 10 month old started standing and crawling everywhere he keeps hitting his head on everything. I try and prevent this as much as possible but he still finds a way to do this (even in his crib). Is this normal? Sometimes I really worry. I'm always watching him but he does it so fast that I can't catch him on time like when he suddenly tumbles from any position. He rarely ever cries when this happens but he will when he accidentally rubs his face against the crib bars...sad Is this normal? I feel like the only way to keep him safe is to literally bubble wrap my whole apartment ....and I am actually doing that by putting mats and rugs everywhere, but then he will always find a way to hit his head on something (even the walls?). I can't leave him alone for one minute. He even has a bad habit of using his head as an aiming, he will aim with his head while standing up and then purposely he will fall and his head will hit the mattress. He does this all day and there's no way of stopping it. He used to stop standing up by landing on his bum but now he keeps using his head to doesn't really hurt him, he doesn't seem to mind doing this, and in the crib it's fine, but I'm worried he will do this while on the floor. Any advice to minimize this would be great! We are trying everything possible to keep him safe. He sometimes crawls right into the wall though full speed. Any baby proofing we've done he tears it all down. What to do?

yeOldeTrout Wed 16-Sep-15 20:27:24

You can buy little helmets (honest, true).
Just do what you can, they soon learn I found.

Pandapickle100 Wed 16-Sep-15 20:31:50

We are in the same boat with our 8 month Old who has just started crawling! We've used those foam tumble jigsaw type mats in the living room, foam protectors on furniture corners and safety sheets on a glass door to our cd cabinet but other than that, we are just having to try to stop her but I think that the knocks and bumps are part of learning.... Although it's heart wrenching to watch!! Shes currently recovering from a black eye from face butting the wall! No advise except you are not alone!

RomComPhooey Wed 16-Sep-15 20:41:06

DS1 was like this. He was a pointy-edge/corner seeking missile. Managed to trip over in a rustic country pub and hit his head on an anvil (real but decorative) and get a massive 'egg' on his forehead. I don't have any advice. We were properly PFB with him and had corner guards on tables, supervised closely etc but he still found things to whack his head on. He did grow out of it eventually and its a while since we've been to A&E (touch wood), which is good because they used to recognise us. DS2 was completely different - rock steady from the get-go.

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