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Advice needed?

(3 Posts)
Catcher22 Tue 15-Sep-15 22:14:23

Hi guys, this is my first ever post and just wanted some advice. Me and my husband split up a few months ago. We have two children (3 & 5) and they have seen him most weekends for a few hours here and there and have slept at his new house twice. But they never want to go and whenever he rings they don't want to speak to him, although when they see him they are so excited. He had them for a few hours this last weekend and when they came home my daughter (5) told me that her dad hit them both, the weekend before she told me that he smacked her and she fell off the couch and when I've asked him about it he says it was to stop them from fighting. Kids are going to fight but they don't need smacking, not exactly showing a good example. So I suppose what I'm asking is what do I do? Do I continue to send them to his with the hope that he won't smack them or not send them at all. When we were still together he used to lose his temper with them and I used to go mad at him but now I'm not there anymore to do this. He's not a bad person and he's great at playing with them he just doesn't have the patience when they are playing up. He wants them to sleep this weekend but I am seriously considering not letting them, I want my kids to be happy, not hurt ?? xx

Alanna1 Tue 15-Sep-15 22:20:43

I think this is really quite worrying. How hard for you. Is there anyone in RL you can ask? Or professional support you can try and access? Could his mum or someone come to stay when he has the kids? He needs to recognise this is a problem and to understand it must not happen.

Catcher22 Tue 15-Sep-15 22:32:25

Thank you for replying, I'm not quite sure what RL is but as for his mum (and his family) they are completely useless and she wouldn't see this as a problem. That's just the thing whenever I ask him about it, he laughs as though it's funny and I think that I've been a bit soft on him recently because I was the one who asked him to move out etc, but I need to toughen up with him now for the sake of my kids.

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