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Do you have a LOUD toddler?

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weeblueberry Tue 15-Sep-15 19:53:10

Now, I'm not naive. I know most toddlers are loud but I do genuinely think my daughter is exceptionally noisy. She tends to try and 'meet the volume of the room' which means if she's somewhere with ambient noise she tends to get even louder and sings constantly or just makes noise that's very loud. She doesn't cry or get upset she just talks constantly very loudly or sings a constant noise. Going shopping is murder because she is so so loud as we walk around that people just stare at us. I've tried to get her to quieten down but genuinely don't know how!! I've asked her politely, I've got cross, I've explained why we can't just shout and sing at the top of our lungs while in public but nothing.

It's got to the point where the only thing that works is feeding her snacks as we go round but it honestly feels like a dog getting a treat every couple of minutes. I've also tried distract her by talking to her but often she just ignores me and lalalas to herself which is even more embarrassing. blush

WinterForest Tue 15-Sep-15 20:31:40

My baby is 10 months old and is the same way even though he isn't a toddler yet. He spends his whole day babbling as loud as he possibly can lol. In the store he goes "AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH-EEEEE!" the whole time at the top of his lungs so I know what you are going through (and he's not crying) he's just making silly noises lol. I think this is probably just a phase they are going through. Your daughter probably doesn't understand that loud noises are unacceptable, but I reckon you will be able to teach her this eventually. Maybe you can teach her how to "whisper". I started doing this with my son, and sometimes he whispers now it's pretty cute smile Just be presistant and know she isn't doing it on purpose.

On a side note, perhaps you could get her ears checked at the doctors to make sure she is hearing okay. If she is having hearing problems she might talk a lot louder than she needs to. I've heard a lot of loud toddlers at the mall so please don't feel to bad, it's most likely a phase and eventually she will understand that she is being too loud but right now at her age she probably just left the "baby stage" so she is probably used to being really loud for attention.

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