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Why are babies so contrary!

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MissTwister Sat 12-Sep-15 18:52:37

We got given a crappy old second hand swing that my baby loved and used to fall asleep in. It broke so we spent £100 on the newer version of the same swing figuring it would be worth it for peace and her happiness.

She absolutely hates it and screams when we put her in it. For what possible reason?! It's the same but better!!!

Nottalotta Sat 12-Sep-15 19:41:21

Hi miss we seem to have a lot of the same issues.......yawn.

DS has finally accepted his bouncy chair. It was given to me new by mum but is one of those basic fabric round a frame things. But he'll go in it now for awake time (not sleep)

Which is great except if he poos while in it. Something about the angle he sits means the poo shoots out of a leg hole. Every feckin time.

BertieBotts Sat 12-Sep-15 19:43:03

Oh no! grin

Can you try putting the cover of the old one on the new one? Maybe it's the smell?

Maybe the speed or motion is slightly different?

MissTwister Sun 13-Sep-15 09:48:48

God knows. Maybe because we bought it on a full moon or something

Nottalottta that's made me giggle!

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