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use of calpol after vaccinations

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Bettina2015 Thu 10-Sep-15 14:41:07

Hi all,

My DS has just had his 12 week vaccination including the men b, on leaving the surgery the nurse said I should give him calpol as soon as I get home and then administer every 4-6 hours - shall I give it to him even though he is not poorly he is so happy and chirpy at the minute am so confused has anyone faced this? On his first vaccination he was very poorly cried constantly I ended up giving him calpol which settled him - any advice is very welcome - thank you!

yeOldeTrout Thu 10-Sep-15 14:44:41

I think the advice now is to wait for symptoms before giving dose, because Calpol can suppress the immune reaction (so the vaccine may not work as well as it could).

Idefix Thu 10-Sep-15 15:00:19

Please give ds the calpol as advised by the nurse. Previously the advice was to only give if a child develops a temperature following imms.
Men B is different the studies showed that most children developed a temperature for a short while that can become very high if prophylactic paracetamol is not given.
Hopefully lo will be fine and in the long term a temperature for a short time is better than a baby developing Men B.

tinytumble Thu 10-Sep-15 15:09:33

Agree - NHS guidance for the meningitis B jab is to give calpol immediately afterwards and 4-6 hrs later to mitigate the effects of an often-observed temperature spike.

Bettina2015 Thu 10-Sep-15 15:39:24

Thank you for your replies, I've given him some now 3 hours after vaccination hope that's ok will give him 2 more doses during the night, he's sleeping now ??????

Idefix Thu 10-Sep-15 15:56:08

I am sure he will be fine Bettina. Follow the advice to give him the next dose 4-6hrs after the first. Doesn't have to be on the dot, slightly over is fine, would work it round feeds and sleeps.

BlueCowWonders Thu 10-Sep-15 16:17:32

Calpol is full of nasties which are banned in other countries. I wish the nurse had advised infant paracetamol - you can get it in any chemist

knittingbee Thu 10-Sep-15 19:37:45

Most infant paracetamol contains the same 'nasties'. It's the E numbers. There's no evidence to suggest that an occasional dose is harmful, however, the concerns are for daily exposure.

WorldsBiggestGrotbag Thu 10-Sep-15 19:51:01

The generic Infant paracetamol we bought yesterday at the pharmacy has almost identical ingredients to calpol, so the same nasties.

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