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DS super tired & no energy after 1yr jabs

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Anticyclone Sat 05-Sep-15 11:53:12

DS had the 1 years jabs yesterday and did well most of the day, then had very unsettled evening and night. We dosed him up on calpol which helped.

Today he is irritable and moany, but also very tired. He just napped for an hour only a couple of hours after waking and is now napping fir a second time before midday (unheard of for this two 30 min naps a day boy!) He also seems to have no energy when he wakes and isn't moving around much at all like he usually does, and just seems to want to lie on us all the time!

I expected something like this, but does this amount of tiredness and lack of energy seem normal?

Bellebella Sat 05-Sep-15 11:56:19

My ds can get like this. If he had a unsettled night then of course it's understandable that he is now tired today. I would give regular calpol and just let him sleep. My ds after his injections just likes to watch cbebbies or read books, no running around like he usually does.

Keep an eye on him but he should pick up later or tomorrow

Buglife Sat 05-Sep-15 14:50:21

My DS had his on Thursday, 1am Friday morning he was awake for an got and then unleashed a tidalwave of vomit on the pair of us. He only ate toast yesterday and today he's very grumpy. He's currently nearly 3 hours into a nap. No temperature though and he seems to be cutting a tooth as well. Poor little things. I was told unless he has a temperature that can't be brought down after a few doses of calpol or was acting REALLY unwell he was ok. Also that a small rash on his tummy was also ok.

Anticyclone Sat 05-Sep-15 20:28:48

Thanks for the replies. Over the course of the day he's started to perk up a bit which is good news! Just lots of sleeping.

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