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Holiday tips

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LittlePink Sat 05-Sep-15 08:37:25

We are going away to Spain next week with a 3 yr old and 8 mth old. Bit of a general ask but do you have any tips to help make it a smooth holiday? Like do we stick to same routine we have at home or relax things? Any tips for the aeroplane? It's only a 2 hr flight so not too long to keep them entertained! Was there anything that didn't work that you would change next time etc? Or anything that worked really well?

Artandco Sat 05-Sep-15 08:40:41

I always move mine onto local time. Ie in Spain virtually all restaurants start service at 9pm, so bed at 7pm would be silly.

Every has long afternoon siesta 3pm-6pm when it's hot outside, and then can stay up late. Most things like shops and places to visit close in the afternoon anyway and reopen in evening so makes sense

Joneseygirl77 Sat 05-Sep-15 18:14:51

I'm after the same advice as off to Portugal in 10 days with a 17mo dd so want the se advice.

Btw Art I opted for the baby zen yoyo in the end (you recommended it to me on a different thread) and I love it! So small and light and my dd seems to like it so thanks for the tip.

ODog Sun 06-Sep-15 06:59:12

We always let DS sleep/eat when he wants when we are away, although we are fairly relaxed routine wise at home too. We usually have self catering apartments/cottages so would cook dinner in so he can fall asleep whenever and we can sit out and have a glass of wine. Embrace buggy/sling naps so you can get out and about. Lots of fiddly food for the plane. Grapes still on the stalk are good as it takes time to pick them off. iPad preloaded with CBeebies/fisher price apps. Nappy change before flight. Let them run and be free as much as poss before/after flight and in the aisle during flight.

Pointlessfan Sun 06-Sep-15 07:04:30

I've never been abroad with DD but this summer we discovered that talc rubs sand off skin!

Minion Sun 06-Sep-15 09:17:32

Please don't let baby run in the aisles on the aircraft. If you hit unexpected turbulence then everything unsecured hits the ceiling.
Including your very light baby.
I've seen it first hand. Horrific.
I've experienced it first hand. Multiple times. Painful.
My friend had it, broke her femur.

ODog Sun 06-Sep-15 10:05:22

Wow minion really? Obviously if the seat belt sign is on I keep him sat down but I've always let him stretch his legs (not run riot obvs). I never knew that was a thing.

ffffffedup Sun 06-Sep-15 10:57:31

With mine I kept to same bedtime routine but instead of putting them in the cot put them in the buggy to go to sleep go out for a meal later on why the baby was asleep then put back in cot when we got back.

Minion Sun 06-Sep-15 11:21:45

Obviously it has to be severe turbulence but yes, it happens.
I always tell my passengers that they wouldn't leave their most precious things unsecured in a car traveling at 30mph so why do it at 500mph.
Sadly not everyone listens to us until the worst happens.

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