Shampoo recommendations for sensitive skin

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boopdoop Sun 23-Aug-15 23:05:20

My DS is 17 months. He has eczema though fairly mildly usually, and also still has a bit of cradle cap, again which he's always had a bit of.

Over the past 2-3 weeks he's been scratching his head obsessively. It's not headlice, we've checked several times, but something is really irritating him. We've changed shampoo to Burts Bees to see if that helped but it hasn't.

He's really distressed with it, it's waking him up, stopping him settling at night etc, so causing sleep issues for us all. And it's horrible seeing him so distressed with it, and making his skin so red and sore with the contestant scratching.

I'm going to take him to the docs, but in the meantime, I wondered if anyone could recommend a shampoo which is good for little ones with eczema or sensitive skin?


singlemum2013 Mon 24-Aug-15 01:50:39

My daughter has eczema and she uses Dr.Organics Lavender shampoo from Holland and Barretts, I also buy the lavender conditioner. They were on offer last time I was in the shop last week. Hope this helps.
With eczema, avoid normal shampoo and soap and bubble baths, the GP can prescribe a bath additive, my daughter has Balneum Plus but the GP does not prescribe shampoo (well at our surgery they don't).

TheBoysMamma Mon 24-Aug-15 02:30:57

Moo Goo scalp cream could be worth a go. It's not a shampoo though it's a cream for the scalp it worked for us.
For shampoos we use ones that don't contain sls and find Green People and Weleda ones good. Moo goo do make shampoo too but haven't tried it.

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