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What can I feed my 4mo

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Justmeandmyboy Thu 20-Aug-15 17:22:21

I have begun weaning my son..I have cooked sweet potato,carrot and peas for him but want to add more variety what other veg eyc is suitable??

GingerCuddleMonsterThe2nd Thu 20-Aug-15 17:24:19

aren't the guidlinesnto wean at 6months or have you been advised to wean earlier?

anyways mint and pea pure is nice as is brocolly and chive

WorldsBiggestGrotbag Thu 20-Aug-15 17:25:31

Milk is by far the best thing to feed him at this age.

NerrSnerr Thu 20-Aug-15 17:27:58

Have you been advised to wean early? If not, milk is the best thing for him. If so, my daughter loved carrots, broccoli and pears all pureed when we started weaning her.

flanjabelle Thu 20-Aug-15 17:28:07


LittleBearPad Thu 20-Aug-15 17:30:55

Tbh - milk. He doesn't need anything else.

DrinkFeckArseGirls Thu 20-Aug-15 17:31:55


Taylor22 Thu 20-Aug-15 17:34:37

Milk. That is it. Do not rush an innocent child for your own selfish needs.
If you had been advised to wean early by a professional then they would of explained the what and how. Just don't do it.

pookamoo Thu 20-Aug-15 17:36:27

Current guidelines are not to introduce solids until 6 months.

Lj8893 Thu 20-Aug-15 17:36:50

Yeah a 4 month old only needs milk, unless you have been advised by a professional to wean early in which case they will be able to give you advice of what foods to try.

LittleBearPad Thu 20-Aug-15 18:46:20

taylor that's a bit full on.

Taylor22 Thu 20-Aug-15 18:55:29

There is now evidence which suggests that early weaning can cause serious digestive issues. Sorry if I take that seriously. Especially when it's a parent stupidly making reckless decisions for an innocent baby.

ffffffedup Thu 20-Aug-15 18:59:11

Butternut squash, cauliflower, potato, broccoli, carrots turnips basically any veg that can be boiled and pureed down. Stick to mainly veg and fruit til 6mth before adding anything else.

Ignore these lot every baby is different and babies unfortunately don't read the guidelines on the way out the birth canal, yes if you can wait a bit longer that's great but If he's ready he's ready.

ffffffedup Thu 20-Aug-15 19:05:26

Taylor ask your mum what age you was weaned from and others your age and see how many have got serious digestive issues It grates me that people think these guidelines have always been the case when in fact it was probably the opposite when we were babies and the generation before and we've all managed to live and tell the tale. Guidelines nowadays are just another way to make mum's feel paranoid when all you really need to do is trust your own mothering instincts rather than relying on what guidelines tell you you should be doing.

Jemimapuddleduk Thu 20-Aug-15 19:06:23

I weaned at 4 months on medical advice due to silent reflux and colic. Started v slowly with baby rice with fruit or vegetable purées for
1 meal (started with dinner) for several weeks and then introducing breakfast a few weeks later. I tended to do purées of sweet pot, broccoli, cauliflower, parsnip, pea, blueberry, apple, papaya, melon, banana, avocado. Weetabix or ready brek at breakfast. I waited until 6 months to introduce yoghurt and cheese and a bit later for fish and meat etc. I didn't drop any feeds, still offered as usual alongside.

Jemimapuddleduk Thu 20-Aug-15 19:08:24

Butternut squash and carrot also good. My ds loved stewed apples with a bit of cinnamon.

mabythesea Thu 20-Aug-15 19:10:14

I know lots of adults with IBS or gluten intolerance to be honest fff, and lots were weaned by 4 months.

Though actually, there's not really any evidence that weaning between 4 and 6 months that's a problem, it's early weaning before 17 weeks that has been shown to cause issues.

ShootTheMoon Thu 20-Aug-15 19:10:27

It may be that earlier generations were weaned from 3-4 months. But those generations (i.e. mine) also have incredibly high rates of asthma, eczema, and digestive issues. The guidelines are linked to studies which show harm to the baby's digestive and immune systems. That's why the guidelines have been changed, not to promote random paranoia and guilt.

Babies close to 6 months may well be ready if they show certain signs. You can look them up. Purées shouldn't be needed.

LittleBearPad Thu 20-Aug-15 19:17:59

I'm aware of the guidelines and largely followed them myself however this is meant to be a supportive site and calling someone stupid or lazy is unnecessary.

TooScaredToPostPostHack Thu 20-Aug-15 19:20:48

Have you not seen the increase in our generation of IBS etc?

Guidelines are to wait until they can hold themselves sitting, so reclining in a baby bouncer doesn't count.

superbfairywren Thu 20-Aug-15 19:20:57

As far as I'm aware it's Veg and fruit ONLY at 4 months, and it will need to be pureed quite smooth. If you haven't been advised to wean before 6 months I Would hold off if you can. From 6 months most babies are sitting up by themselves a lot better and their hand eye coordination is coming on loads so you can skip purees for the most part.

At 6 months my dd started on roasted or steamed sweet potato wedges, broccoli, carrots and pears. Within a week or two she was eating everything I gave her and I rarely had to mash anything up. I haven't ever pureed food smooth, just occasionally mashed or chopped her food which is much easier and although messy means she is used to lumps and textures already and I don't have to introduce them later.
I think it's important that your baby is showing the signs they are ready for solids, my dd certainly wasn't ready until she was 6months and even then she looked tiny in her high chair. Feeding her has been much easier since she got sturdier and can really sit up on her own.
Good luck!

MagicalMrsMistoffelees Thu 20-Aug-15 19:56:47

The argument, 'it was different in my day and we're all fine so it doesn't need to change,' is flawed simply because you don't know everyone. Basing opinions entirely on your own subjective experience ignores the experiences of thousands and millions of other people.

My mother smoked during pregnancy and throughout my childhood and I'm fine - can I conclude that smoking during pregnancy / around children is ok?

I went in a car without wearing a seatbelt many times as a child and was never hurt - is it therefore ok to let children not wear seat belts?

Guidelines aren't changed for the sake of it but because of improved knowledge and understanding accumulated during ever-improving scientific studies and research. This is a good thing as it helps people make informed choices based on facts and evidence. I'm grateful that there are folk out there striving to make sense of the world and helping me and my family live as healthy and safe lives as possible. If I didn't have them I would have to base decisions on my own limited experiences which might not always be the best thing!

WorldsBiggestGrotbag Thu 20-Aug-15 19:58:11

Agree 100% with Magical. That's what I always try to say on threads like these but I'm far less eloquent!

Inkymess Thu 20-Aug-15 20:32:51

I never understand the rush when all guidelines say 6mths. What's wrong with just milk? I have some baby rice and porridge etc at 6 mths and then moved to BLW at around 7 mths. No months of purée here for mine grin

Gotosleep123 Thu 20-Aug-15 20:43:56

Many countries (New Zealand, Netherlands etc) have gone back to the between 4 and 6 month recommendation and my paediatrician thinks it might go that way here too. Something to do with rise in anaemia in late weaned babies and also fresh evidence that is completely contrary to current recommendations- that babies weaned at 6 months are actually more at risk of allergies and intolerances. Everyone says definitely not before 4 months though.
I'm not an expert (sure you can tell :-) , just passing on info I have been given. Recommendations change ALL the time!

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