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I feel so ashamed re toddlers teeth

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BlanketsAndBiscuits Tue 18-Aug-15 19:37:11

Ive NC for this as I'm so ashamed.

DD is 18 months old. Been brushing her teeth twice a day since her first tooth sprouted. Been twice to the dentist with her, everything was grand, no problems.

Gave up bottles at 14 months (used milk for night time wakings) and just uses a beaker now. She hardly has juice (once in a blue moon) and doesn't really eat sweets, chocolate, crisps etc.

Now the problem is her two front teeth at the top of her mouth are starting to darken and it looks like the early stages of "baby bottle rot" after some googling. I feel so fucking stupid that this has happened (back story of severe problems with my teeth since childhood and really didn't want DD to suffer the same)

Has anyone's DC had this? Got a dentist appointment for middle of next week to get her seen. Anything I can do in the mean time? sad

Booboostwo Tue 18-Aug-15 20:09:00

Please don't feel bad. It sounds more likely that your DD inherited your bad teeth than that you did anything to cause this. I am sure the dentist will be able to help. I had 12 fillings in my milk teeth despite not drinking fizzy drinks or juices and a very limited amount of sweets, as well as a good hygiene routine. I continue to have totally crap teeth. My DB doesn't even bother to brush his teeth (book) and has never had a filling at 39. Some people have all the luck!

Booboostwo Tue 18-Aug-15 20:09:31

(Boak) not book!

shoopshoopsong Tue 18-Aug-15 20:15:25

Don't feel ashamed it sounds like you're doing everything right (and better than me) and that there is something medical that's hereditary.

RawCoconutMacaroon Tue 18-Aug-15 20:18:38

Tell your dentist about your teeth (what they were like when you were a child, ask your parents).

I have dentingenisis imperfecta, as does one of my parents, and two of my DC. Ask your dentist about it.

My parent and I were both constantly blamed for the brittle worn and broken teeth... When I moved house with young DC, new dentist told me we had this condition.

Good, focused care has meant that despite this condition, our 2 DC have reached 16+ with no fillings. Adult teeth tend to be better than the baby teeth, but they need good preventative care.

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