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Help! Any ideas what this is?

(8 Posts)
zombiemeow Tue 18-Aug-15 18:22:08

Oh. My. God. I'm exhausted.

Ds (8.5mo) has always been a big milk drinker. I was advised by his dietitian to reduce his milk intake by half. He was on 7 bottles we got it down to 5 sometimes even 4 a day.

Yesterday he got his first 'proper' cold (long story) he seemed fine in himself, just his nose was constantly streaming. He went to bed earlier than usual at 6pm. I raised the end of the cot to try and help. When he kept waking up I ran to the shops to get nasal drops or anything they had for colds. When I got back dh had him out the cot and he was screaming the house down. This was around 8.30. As soon as he came to me he settled down.

We tried to use a nasal aspiratior but he was having none of it.

He usually has his last bottle at 6 then has his morning one at 6am. He was still awake at 10.30 and getting hungry so I gave him a bottle and he fell asleep. He kept waking up in the night and had a feed at 5am and up for the morning around 5.15/5.30 confused

Today he seemed better, slightly less snot. It's only coming out in streams when he sneezes but he has been so so grumpy. I gave him calpol and it didn't make a difference. He has also had 10 bottles today aswell as his 3 meals 10 fucking bottles

Sorry this is super long!

Could this just be because of his cold? Or is it a growth spurt? One of them wonder weeks which I know nothing about? Should I keep feeding him if I think he wants it?

he's being super clingy and refusing to go in his sling hmm

squizita Tue 18-Aug-15 18:49:51

They drink a lot if fluids when they've a temperature or cold I think. thanks

zombiemeow Tue 18-Aug-15 18:54:28

Thanks squizita, I get so worried about everything! I tried offering him water but he won't have it he just cries for milk confused

Snozberry Tue 18-Aug-15 19:31:32

All that milk combined with all that snot would make my DD puke but she is a very pukey kid. Can you water down the milk if he won't take pure water, as squizita says he needs the fluid but that is a lot of milk.

Does he have a temperature or just snotty and grumpy?

You can get nasal saline sprays which are effective but unpleasant so a last resort really. There is also a baby version of vicks which if I remember right is called snufflebabe. If he has a dummy there is a dummy you can buy which has a little pad to put snufflebabe drops in so that it's right under his nose.

It's tiring but he'll be alright.

GothicRainbow Tue 18-Aug-15 19:36:03

Snufflebabe will be your saviour!! We use this for our DS's colds and it really does help. We also put the drops in warm water as a vapour for the room but not sure if you can do that for a 8.5 month old (DS is 2)

zombiemeow Tue 18-Aug-15 20:05:27

He would have a sip of water then cry for milk. Should I water all the bottles down? And is it definitely ok to do that? (Sorry if that's a stupid question ftm alert!)

I have nasal spray but he was hysterical when I tried them confused I got the snufflebabe vapour rub and I keep putting that on it seems to help smile

I was going to get the olbas oil thing but it said something about putting it on a cloth with the radiator on and it's too warm for that!

squizita Tue 18-Aug-15 20:09:19

I'm currently rocking a feverish child who won't be pit down. Had 2 hr sleep last night ... just need 3 tonight lolololol...

Snuffle babe is ace. also baby olbas oil - some drops on the bedding where baby doesn't touch it (eg side).

zombiemeow Tue 18-Aug-15 20:25:07

Oh no, hope they're feeling better tomorrow squizita and you get some sleep. So exhausting isn't it.

He crawls all round his bed, would it work if I put a muslin on a chair out of reach from his bed and put some on that or will it not be close enough to have any effect?

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