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Adoption: Has My Human Right To Have A Family Life Been Breached?

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DisneyLover2115 Thu 13-Aug-15 13:48:01

im thinking of going back to court after 3 years of my little girl and my baby boy was taking away from me...

My Daughter had been taking from 5 days old from the hospital with no reason as to why they done this... Midwifes told me i was doing fine i asked for care support which was being sent back in to my aunties care where she would help me along with my other family... Ss said no... i asked for mother and baby units and they told me there was not one in the united kingdom... to of which i have found 2 one thats just up the road from my mums house and one to which was in england that was in hertfordshire. and i emailed this lady from the mother and baby unit from hertfordshire, and she said she would have toke me if the Ss emailed and asked for a referral.. Sw denied that i had ever showed her the emails. she denied that i had ever said about a mother and baby unit.. she used against me that my grandfather was sexually abusing my mum and i had seen that is why i had been on the protection register because of the reason... for many years my grandfather was blamed for this and is wasnt even him.. it was my STEP GRANDFATHER.. How Sick... i was knocked off my face with medication when she had taking my first baby... she said i have a learning disability... but didnt give me the support i needed to get my daughter home... she pressurized me alot i didnt know what i could do... when i was pregnant with my son she had told me i should get rid of my baby and i should never be aloud to have children because i could look after my little girl... which is not true... i TRIED EVERYTHING I COULD TO GET HER BACK...

when i had my little boy 3 days in hospital i spend with him... everything was better and different i knew what i was doing... but sw toke him away because it was so close to my daughters birth 11 months apart... and they didnt think i would have changed but i did change bunch and bunch of things i did everything to stop the Sw taking my little boy but they still toke him... every time i tried to get contact up they put it down... the gave me only little amount of time with my children to the point i didnt know they were my own children... it was like i knew and could see they were there and they were mine... but when Sw decided to take over my life. i knew from the start that when the Sw got in contact i was not going to be able to look after my children

they have made me cry oin contact to the point that it upset my children
i got depression and was told by the Sw i should be put in a mental hospital. ive been called and unfit mother by all my friends and family... i go through a massive lot of stress a day...

i now suffer fibromyalgia which i think i had got because the Sw put me through hell. please dont critasize me because i am going through a lot of shit. and i really just want to know

should i take this to human rights? my parental rights were terminated because they did not give me a chance to prove 1 hours contact from 24/7 what can you learn from that? i need my children back..

please can i take them back and do you think i will get my parental responsabilities back. i need to fight this please help me

Thanks, DisneyLover2115

Jackie0 Thu 13-Aug-15 13:54:36

I think you need a solicitor.
Have you sought any legal advice?

FenellaFellorick Thu 13-Aug-15 13:58:00

I'm sorry that you're in pain. social services do not take babies for no reason. It is a highly scrutinised process and they have to go to court and they have to justify their position. They can't just decide to take a baby on a whim. If they haven't ensured that you understand what is happening and why, then you have been let down. They should have ensured you were supported.

I think that you should be wary of asking for legal advice on a parenting website, you have no idea whether anyone has any idea what they are talking about.

And even if they did, they can't give accurate advice when they don't know for sure that they have all the objective facts.

I am also concerned that you may get replies that will hurt you.

Please be cautious.

nobodyknowsimhere Thu 13-Aug-15 14:21:08

I'm sorry you're going through this, but as Fenella said children just aren't removed by Social Services for no reason. You have to go to court and provide a lot of evidence in order to take a child in to long term care. Be really honest with yourself (you don't have to discuss it on here) - things can't have been 'fine' or you wouldn't have had 'bunches' to change in between losing your daughter and your son being born, would you? However, it sounds like you're feeling confused about what happened, and as if you haven't been listened to. Can I suggest you contact the Family Rights Group? I've pasted the link in below.

You don't mention it in your OP but you used the word 'adoption' in your thread title - if the kids are being adopted then perhaps you could contact these guys as well for some support?

CoffeeTwo Thu 13-Aug-15 14:26:35

Some parts of the human rights act override others. Your right to a family life is less important than a child's right to safety. None of us have all the facts of the case but a judge made that final decision, not the social worker. You could go back to court but I'd have a long hard think about whether or not it will be worth it for all involved.

DisneyLover2115 Fri 14-Aug-15 20:57:49

thank you for your advice

fenella i understand your concern and i know what you mean but there is alot of things they have done wrong?? they are getting away with everything in the uk. and someone needs to put a stop to this...

what excuse that my mum was sexually abused got to do with my kids being with me?? what excuse did they have to take my children off me?? none apart accusing that i have got a learning disability.... not knowing that i have something called fibromyalgia??

a long term condition im now having to life the rest of my life because the social services put me under so much presure!!!

Thank You for your replies!!!

DisneyLover2115 Fri 14-Aug-15 21:01:23

my children were sleeping throughout every contact and assessment that me and my ex partner (childrens father) and what help and support was contact being once a week at 1 hour a time?? how am i suppost to bond with my children?? the adopters got more contact time than i did... OH Trust me they toke my children for no reason apart from they wanting money... and i just came on here to ask for support on taking them to human rights...

im suffering my life and i shouldnt have too!!

DisneyLover2115 Fri 14-Aug-15 21:09:06

coffeetwo yes i do think its worth it... i cant not sit here and right all the story of to what happened between me and 4 years ago... but trust me you wouldnt be saying what you are saying now... im a 21 year old of honesty... and honestly this world is one big shit hole... and if i was in the goverment trust me everyone would be living with respect not how the world wants us to be... JUST TO LET YOU KNOW IM FROM SCOTLAND... england and welsh sites are no good to me... thank you

lougle Fri 14-Aug-15 21:15:49

You're obviously in a lot of pain. If your children have been adopted it's very unlikely that any judge would want to overturn that so far down the line. Do you think that would be in your children's best interests?

wannaBe Fri 14-Aug-15 21:22:40

op, it would be inappropriate for anyone on here to comment on this because nobody knows the real facts.

Truth is, no-one who has their child removed by SS is going to say that SS were justified in taking them. But SS have good reasons for removing children, and for yours to have been removed at birth there will already have been concerns while you were pregnant or possibly beforehand.

If you want to challenge this then you would need a solicitor, but if the children have already been adopted there is unlikely to be anything you can do about it, even if the courts found in your favour - which tbh is unlikely if adoption orders have been granted.

But even in the event the courts found that your children were wrongly placed for adoption you would be unlikely to get them back as the bond with the adoptive parents will already have been established and this will be seen to be in the best interests of the children to stay with their adoptive families.

In the rare cases where it has been found that children were wrongly adopted the adoption orders have still remained...

fastdaytears Fri 14-Aug-15 21:48:52

I think this is one of those things where you need to focus on the best outcome. If an adoption order has been made then it won't be overturned- whatever SS could have done better. So I would say your efforts need to go into getting the support you need.
Witnessing sexual assault, losing your kids, your health problems- it's going to hurt a lot. You need to find out what help there is for you. Do you have a supportive partner?

Kangaroosjump Fri 14-Aug-15 22:01:56

I think you are owed help to understand why your children were removed

However did you not attend case conferences?

What reasons did they give for the decision to remove your children?

It sounds dreadfully unfair that you haven't understood but I would imagine from the little you have said that there is more to this, a lot more

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