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Ds wants iPod touch for 10th birthday

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Holymoly321 Sun 09-Aug-15 21:11:10

Our DS1 turns 10 next month and really wants an iPod touch. His friends at school all have them, and we've always resisted as we have two iPads at home and the boys are only allowed on them for 10-20 a day to play games etc. the thought of him having free reign on his own iPod is very scary, but we don't want him to feel left out or behind. We'd love to hear from other intents as to how they ensure their kids safe use of iPods before we make final decision. Thanks in advance!

Holymoly321 Mon 10-Aug-15 07:42:13


Hulababy Mon 10-Aug-15 07:47:04

Dd had one at age 6/7y. We set the parental controls on the device, talked about useable and safety, and monitored use every so often.

I'd definitely have no issues with giving a 10y one, along with some good e safety advice. In a year or two they are likely to have a phone when at secondary school, so it's a good in between device.

00100001 Mon 10-Aug-15 07:48:38

Just say no?

00100001 Mon 10-Aug-15 07:50:50

Also, if you do get him one, it doesn't mean you can't restrict/limit his time on it.

My 11yo has limited time on his tablet, he has to ask to go on it, otherwise he'll be on it for hours if left to his own devices. He is getting good at self regulating now.

Holymoly321 Mon 10-Aug-15 10:18:22

Thanks everyone. Think we will have to get him one, and will maybe make out a 'contract' to go with it with regards usage etc, so he knows in advance when he can and can't go on it. He will be SO excited!!

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