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15month old eats for nursery but not at home.

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Milkyway1304 Sat 08-Aug-15 12:57:50

15month old DD was a nightmare to wean, I've posted about her on numerous occasions. She ate nothing at all until 10months, and apart from a very brief period around 13 months has barely eaten at home. In nursery they tell me she eats plenty, sometimes even seconds. When I'm home she constantly looks for breastmilk and usually fires her food off the highchair. On a good day she will eat maybe one snack and half a meal (and I don't give her much, maybe 2 dessert spoons of pasta and Bolognese for example). She's dropped down two lines on the centile chart since weaning and I really want to get some protein and calories into her. In the past few weeks I have not been breastfeeding in the day- once in morning, pre bed and once overnight but still she won't eat if I'm in the house. I really want us to be able to sit and enjoy family meals, but at the moment I feel as though I need to leave the house to try encourage her to eat something.

Does anyone have any advice?

squizita Sat 08-Aug-15 13:07:02

No but mine is similar with liquids. She's not a great eater either but water is a nightmare (plus she's a slow pooper too) ... yet if I'm out she'll drink a beaker full plus 14 oz expressed/formula over 8 hours! sad

Could you keep her distracted till she's "eat anything hungry" - not distressed but distinctly hungry (ie distract from habit feeding on milk) ... maybe by going out? My dd will only drink this way at home, even if I'm not in! Thank goodness for ready made formula and pumped milk as dh has to get it quickly or there are tears!

Milkyway1304 Sat 08-Aug-15 14:19:24

If I distract her with "jobs" and games once I sit at the table she seems to remember that she wants milk now. She is very determined! And too small to really understand that not eating now leaves her hungry later. I know toddlers often seem to live on air but her weight has been an issue.

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