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Vest extenders for petit bateau?

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Beetleandbug Fri 07-Aug-15 16:09:27

Bit of a random one!

I was given a set of long sleeve vests from petit bateau. They were aged 12 months and my baby is only 8.5 so i chucked them in the wash and put them away....well, when the weather turned last week I found them out but they only just fit :-(

I bought a pack of vest extenders but it doesn't fit the smaller poppers that petit bateau use.

Does anyone know if there is a product like this to fit french poppers? I've googled but can't find anything. Such a shame.

PennilynLott Fri 07-Aug-15 16:25:51

Maybe try French sites it may be a French standard? My newborn dd fits a 6mo petit bateau vest perfectly so it's not just you smile

Beetleandbug Fri 07-Aug-15 16:32:16

Thanks for responding pennilyn, but i've tried translating 'vest extenders' and not having any luck!

helloelo Sat 08-Aug-15 00:22:57

No such thing as vest extender in France. PB sizing is notoriously small. 7mo / 8kg DS is in 12 mois. TBH I have 3 PB shops within walking distance and I prefer to import M&S ones (and I have the reverse issue, I buy too big)

helloelo Sat 08-Aug-15 00:23:27

Oh and a vest is called "un body"

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