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Anyone have kids parties in January???

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opinionsrus Thu 23-Nov-06 17:17:56

Hi does anyone have their kiddies parties in January.

Just looking for tips on how you handle it etc with it being so close to Xmas!!

Have got 3 year old party coming up in Jan any tips made welcome...........

opinionsrus Thu 23-Nov-06 19:47:09

Very quiet on here tonight - anyone!?

niceglasses Thu 23-Nov-06 19:52:38

My ds1 will be 6 on Jan 2nd. A bloody awful day for a party - I do feel sorry for pple with bdays so near to Christmas. There is a funny atmosphere at his parties - slightly hangoverish, but we just do the usual stuff - soft play venues etc. However, this year might do something different.

opinionsrus Thu 23-Nov-06 19:56:14

I try to see it as an extention of Xmas, though theres always loads of stuff to organise. Mine is on 16th....

cruisemum1 Thu 23-Nov-06 21:53:54

opinionsrus - my dd's b'day is Jan 8th - exactly two weeks after Christmas and we have had a party every year so that she understood that her birthday was Just For Her. We always had parties at home with traditional food, games and music. She loved them and as she grew and went to school her friends came to really look forward to her parties as they were 'real' parties rather than swimming, gymnastics, bowling etc. etc. I would thoroughly recommend digging out a good party games book (if you can't remember any!) and going for it at home or maybe a small room in a hall (we did this once she turned 7 and her friends took up more space!- she is 9 in Jan) When she was 3 or 4 (memory fading) we had a fancy dress party which she loved Good luck - would love to hear what you decide. .

babalon Thu 23-Nov-06 23:05:37

I have house birthday party's for dd, who's birthday is 8th Jan. there always kind of homely and traditional. I do make a big effort though as mine is 18th jan and dh's is 25th so we know what it's like and joint birthday christmas pressies are totally baned!!!!!

Not so much an issue now days but when I was young I remember at least 3 birthday treats being cancelled due to snow so best to stay close to home imo.

ds(may) & ds2(august) planned summer babies to avoid this again. But dd does have sneaky friends bbq in the summer now she's getting older (10 this Jan coming)

mouseman Thu 23-Nov-06 23:07:58

My dd will be 6 on 29th Dec so we have planned her party for 6th jan when everyone will be back at school, home from hols and over the mad Christmas thing.

opinionsrus Fri 24-Nov-06 09:13:33

Think that the best thing is to get it organised way before Xmas so that its all planned out and out of mind for chrimble.....

cruisemum1 Fri 24-Nov-06 09:18:45

Just to say again - if you can hack it, a home party is just lovely

Numastie15 Mon 02-Nov-15 22:33:54

I have a party and wedding styling business which includes planning.
Plan as far ahead as possible especially invitations and birthday gift, and get lots of family and friends to help

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