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Is this normal...??

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SueSueMcGrew Wed 05-Aug-15 15:34:47

My daughter is six months, been taking purees since she was just over five months. She only really gets fruit and veg just now but I'm going to branch out soon.

Sometimes I find that she is sick quite a lot. Like she'll have her porridge in the morning, and might bring up a mouthful or two an hour later (for no real reason, not swinging her about or anything). She has something a bit heavier for lunch (root veg usually) and I find she can bring mouthfuls of this back up hours later (even if she's had a bottle since then, it's still the purée she's bringing up). This doesn't happen every day, but a good few times a week.

Also I find she is sick quite often when she is sitting up unsupported, and also when I put her on her front. She did this in the pre-solid food days too and it happens very frequently.

I wouldn't say it was full on vomiting, just mouthfuls here and there. She seems fine in herself, plenty wet nappies, happy, smiley baby.

Any thoughts?? Should I make a doctors appointment? Or is it just her tummy getting used to the new food?

happymummyone Wed 05-Aug-15 15:44:36

Sounds like just a bit of reflux to me, my DD had it. She's almost 5 now but until about 18 months ago it would still happen occasionally when she laughed or hiccuped. She's grown out of it and is healthy. But if your instincts are telling you something is wrong just PPP her along to your GP and get some reassurance smile

CarrotPuff Wed 05-Aug-15 16:52:24

DS was very sicky baby when I was bfing, it improved once he went on solids but he still brought up food now and then. It only stopped once he was about a year old.

It doesn't look like it's something new or out of ordinary, so I wouldn't worry.

squizita Thu 06-Aug-15 09:02:35

My hv said "spat up" mouthfuls are different from real sick and not much of a concern. Why not ask next weigh in? smile That way your mind will be eased.

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