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House renovation 3 year's and counting...

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groceries Mon 03-Aug-15 21:15:00

Our new house is currently being renovated and this has been going on for 3 year's - 3 years of my husband being away every day he is not at work and every weekend. I have a four year old who hardly spends anytime with his dad. He takes no time off at all, not even when he's ill or if I am. We are fortunate enough to be renting our old house as the people who bought it live in Saudi for the time being. I couldn't face living with my in laws; I have tried to get on with them but they are only happy if they call all the shots. They've caused loads of problems by interfering in our lives, visiting up to 4 times a week criticising every decision I make. Im finding it hard to cope with all of this pressure, my husband has decided that we should move in to the new house in 4 weeks but it is still a building site. A large extension is being built and there are tools; dust millions of jobs to be done. I just don't see how it is going to be safe for my son and the carpenter is dragging the work on it will take another year if not more to finish! My mil said that she's disappointed that I am not looking forward to moving in so frustrated don't feel like anyone is listening. Apart from my relatives who live hundreds of miles away. She said I should put up with it doesn't see a problem. Im really worried not sleeping....

hereharehere33 Tue 04-Aug-15 07:07:14

We bought a house that needed compete renovation - we thought it would take a year....
Four and half years on, and two DSs later, its still not finished. But we have been living in it. Everything bugs me about it, although its live-able in now, not one room is fully finished! Everything still looks messy to the point I hate having new people round as I'm embarrassed!! But we have managed and there's a massive garden for my toddler to entertain himself in. The biggest issue I had was all the time that its taken away from my hubby spending with the kids. It become a bit of a negotiation as to when we have family time and when he can have a weekend doing up the house. Its difficult as I want it done but crave that 'normal' family time.
We have made it safe for the kids but I do find dust can be a problem (particularly with a carpenter around!). My oldest DS enjoys 'helping' with the works too!

I would advise, trying to make sure that there's a separation between the extension works and the rest of the house and that its well sealed to prevent dust etc getting into the living areas. Try and set aside family weekends so you don't resent the house too much.

Being there full time may also give the carpenter the kick up the arse to complete sooner... Just try and think that in a years time, you should have a beautiful new home (that can be difficult to imagine at the moment, I know!)

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