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Sticker chart

(2 Posts)
TickledOnion Thu 30-Jul-15 20:11:43

Do any of you do sticker charts for good/bad behaviour?

I'm thinking of doing a joint one where both DDs can earn and lose points together. I recently made them earn tv rights by tidying and they were really motivated when I equated each item to a number of minutes of tv. So if they tidied all the pens they would get 5 points etc. They worked well together and earned 40 minutes of TV. It was only a one off but DD1 wanted to do it again the next day so I reckon it could be a good idea.

What do people think of removing stickers for bad behaviour? I really struggle with consistent punishments so I was hoping the removal of stickers might work.

Scottysmum2008 Fri 31-Jul-15 13:48:57

Great that DD1 got on board with something she could see as an achievement, and wanted to carry it on.
With our ds we did happy and sad faces, and talked about what would get a sad face which is something he worked very hard at not getting.
A friend of mine did marbles in a jar, and they were removed for bad behaviour.
To be honest see what you think by maybe having a trial of deducting points, and with keeping the positive points aspect it could be affective.

I think in general terms kids seem to react well to earning something which proves they have worked hard and earned it, and they are rewarded for their good behaviour and efforts. There does need to be a balance with repercussions for behaviour you don't want, so it could provide the balance you and the children need.

Best of luck smile

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