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Any positive stories of weaning baby already at nursery?

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Shelduck Thu 30-Jul-15 15:26:14

I'm returning to work when DS2 will be 6 months to the day. (I'm sure that will be controversial for many, but we couldn't have afforded to have a second child otherwise, so I'm OK with it.) For the first 4 weeks, I'll be doing two-and-a-half days (not sure how it will be divided) and then DS2 will be in nursery for 4 fairly long days from that point on.

The only thing I'm feeling a bit concerned about is that he'll be starting nursery at the same time I'll be starting him on solids. The nursery is totally fantastic and they will support us in whatever we're doing, and just take it in their stride. But I'm having a touch of the guilts, that I'm letting someone else do an important bit of parenting for me here. DS1 was 8 months when he started, so well established on solids.

I suppose, I'll start him off the week before, and try and give him his solid meal at whatever point I'm usually at home with him. And I'll provide all the food he has while at nursery, so it's not like I'm not playing a major part in the whole thing. But does anyone else have any tips or reassuring words?!

GoooRooo Thu 30-Jul-15 15:28:59

My DS went to a childminder from 3 - 6 months and then to a nursery after that for three days a week.

Nursery provided the food for him (I provided formula as he was also still bottle feeding). We did baby led weaning so it was dead easy and I recommend that approach because it makes life so much easier than having to puree everything.

Nursery have helped me with several stages of raising DS - weaning, potty training, table manners etc... I don't feel guilty about it and it's been really useful to have a professional opinion sometimes.

CMOTDibbler Thu 30-Jul-15 15:33:35

I started back at work FT when ds was 4.5 months old, so you won't get any judging from me!

TBH, once I'd given ds his first solid food at 6 months, I wasn't feeling very precious about it, and as we wanted to do BLW, the nursery staff loved it and were so excited to tell us what he'd eaten each day it was lovely.

And someone else gets to do lots of the cleaning up, so that must be a bonus smile

milkysmum Thu 30-Jul-15 15:35:30

My first child started nursery at 5 months so was weaning when in nursery. We took a baby led approach which wasn't something the nursery had really done before ( they had been used to giving purées to babies ) but they were very open to the idea and were happy to read through some if the information I have them on this approach and then I just suggested which foods off the menu to place on the high chair for her to try- it was fine- really hassle free to be honestsmile

starlight2007 Thu 30-Jul-15 15:42:11

I am a childminder and had quite a few babies that have been weaned...I can't work out what this issue is here...Are you feeling guilty.. I have no issue with weaning any baby..

The only thing I would be aware of some babies lose appetite until settled so depending on your child might be worth waiting a few weeks.

Equally if you have a very hungry baby you may start a few weeks earlier

lotrben17 Thu 30-Jul-15 15:51:23

in fact i relied on nursery to help wean both dcs as i'm totally terrified of choking - dc1 is a fantastic eater, and dc2 is just being weaned with their assistance too (dc2 went to nursery at 7 mos). I think there are plenty of important parenting events to be involved with without having to have the sole burden.

Shelduck Fri 31-Jul-15 09:04:11

Thanks everyone! Like gooorooo, I've had a really positive experience of nursery with DS1, and they've helped with his development in all sorts of ways.

This one has just pushed my guilt buttons for some reason ... maybe because I'm already having a bit of a flap about practical details. Anyway, thanks for giving me a bit of perspective everyone, and good suggestion about BLW. I'd been thinking about going a bit more down that route anyway this time, but will look into it more closely now.

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