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Where do Babies Come From - Book recommendations for 5-7 year olds

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elk4baby Wed 29-Jul-15 10:57:47

My DSs (6.5yrs & 4.5yrs) are asking (rather persistently) where babies come from, how they get inside mummies' tummies and how they come out...
While I don't want to tell them stork stories and would rather tell the truth from the word go, I'm not sure what's the right way to go about it really...

I can't remember what my parents told me and how, but I know I've never thought a stork brought me or that they 'found me' in pumpkins/cabbages/other produce...

Any book recommendations please? I'd be very grateful... dodging these questions is getting difficult

gourd Wed 29-Jul-15 11:14:51

You don't need a book just to answer questions simply and truthfully or to use the correct terms for the body parts involved, but we have the "It's not the Stork" book which whilst it contains a lot of extra info they wont need or be remotely interested in till much older (IVF, surrogacy etc), also has the basics of the human body and conception and is a good book. It is a bit American but I just use the UK versions of words when reading ( i.e. nappy not diaper etc). DD (4YO) mostly just flips to the bits she likes. She particularly likes the feotus in uterus pictures and the dog with puppies inside it and the mum drinking/eating and how this gets to feed the baby inside her. She also likes the "Boys do this, girls do that" page (of course the outcome is that they can both do the same things and are almost the same despite being a little different physically). Another of her favourite bits is the pages about new babies and what they do.

An old but really nice (and much simpler) book is Clare Rayner's The Body Book if you can still find it in print. It's a lovely general book covering everything from human body to conception, birth, growing up, getting older and dying. It has simple drawn pictures and is really quite moving for an adult to read in places - when talking about death and dying. I really liked it as a child and still have the book so am able to share it with DD today.

gourd Wed 29-Jul-15 11:16:07

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