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Tips for settling into holiday club

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fletch299 Tue 28-Jul-15 12:13:45

5 year old DD . just finished reception.
I've booked her into a holiday club - her closest friends from school are going to the same one ( rated excellent by Ofsted). They are all going the same 3 days a week.
She is Painfully shy in new environments ( hence going with her friends)
She is struggling to settle in - today is day 4.
Saying she hates it .Crying in the morning when she has to go in - saying shes frightened ( One of the other girls is the same)
She brings loads of craft that they have worked on home so I know that she is joining in.
Not going isn't really an option as I work & we have agreed with her friends parents that they will all go .
Any Tips for helping her settle in -?

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