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Talk to me....I'm in teething hell

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MioNome Sun 26-Jul-15 23:39:05

DS2 is 8.5mo and basically hasn't slept for two nights. His two top incisors are coming through and has had a low grade temp on and off. He's visibly uncomfortable, exhausted and pissed off.

Do some teeth typically hurt more than others? These will be teeth nbrs 5 and 6 and he's never been this bad - impossible to settle, waking every 20-60 mins, Velcro baby during the day. Have 'slept' upright with him in bed two nights now and don't know if I can do a third.

Tell me I'll get through tonight??? I haven't been able to put him down in his cot yet tonight, wakes crying every time sad

SueSueMcGrew Mon 27-Jul-15 00:33:56

You poor soul! I'm not a expert in this field but I just wanted to pass on my sympathies.

Have you given him anything? We swear by calpol in his house. Only thing that truly works in my experience (which is admittedly pretty limited so I could be in for a shock in the months to come...!)

Blankiefan Mon 27-Jul-15 12:56:46

We got through it with the old calpol / ibuprofen combo largely frowned upon here ibuprofen at bedtime (after milk/ whatever) then paracetamol / nurofen if he wakes up in the night. Ibuprofen is generally best for teething as it helps with the cause of the pain.

Also, try anbesol liquid. You put it on your finger then rub it on their gums. Much much better than any of the gels we used.

It will pass - it just doesn't feel like it when you're in the middle of it.

Solasum Mon 27-Jul-15 12:59:12

Have you tried bonjela, frozen banana to chew on as well as nurofen and Calpol?

boopdoop Mon 27-Jul-15 15:24:17

Sent this to a friend a few days ago whose little one is teething, hope some of it is useful...
1. Many find Neurofen is better than calpol for teething, but you can alternate the two every 3 hours to stay on top of pain, and it's sort just keeping doing that.
2. Anbesol liquid is amazing. Buy it over the counter, you can use it for ulcers in adults but also for babies teething. It numbs the pain for a couple of hours, and you can use it every couple of hours I think, and you can give it as well as any medicines you give. Has an initial sting but only for a second and then the pain subsides...
3. Teething gel is ok, helps if you have a gap before giving something else, but isn't as good as Anbesol.
4. Teething granules are great, and often help them to calm them whilst painkillers kick in. Boots do their own brand which is cheaper, the other is Nelsons teething granules. Expensive but worth it and often on offer so look out for that!
5. Other things that help... muslin or flannel, damp and pop it in the fridge then let them chew on it.

Hope that helps and it improves soon. x

jessica3692 Fri 31-Jul-15 14:58:50

Ashton and Parson teething powder is amazing apparently. Not really needed it for my LO yet but we've had a few people inc. random taxi driver and MIL swear by it! You can order it online but some chemists sell it although apparently finding it in a chemist is like finding a needle in a hay stack!

soundsystem Sun 02-Aug-15 16:16:35

Bigger Boots sell Ashton and Palmers, worth a shot of you can get it. I'm in the same boat with my almost 9-month-old. Calpol, teething powders, teething rings to chew on (hard plastic ones and the ones you put in the fridge). Fruit seems to help temporarily (strawberries, watermelon). Hope it passes quickly for you!

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