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Booster seats

(2 Posts)
Eva50 Sun 26-Jul-15 19:09:04

Ds3, just turned 9, is 134cm tall and 31kg. He has grown hugely in the last few months after being ill at Christmas and is now finding his high back booster uncomfortable to sit on. It's a 9 months to 12 years seat. We have an ordinary booster without a back which he is happy to sit on.

I don't use the car a lot. We walk to school so it is only in town (30 miles an hour max) to Go to swimming, Tesco and piano lessons. Will he be safe? In the olden days I would have bought a bigger one but I aM not working now and have just had a big vet bill for ddog which I put on the credit card. I am "squeaking at the pips" as my mother would have said. I don't want to compromise his safety but he is nearly big enough for an adult seatbelt. WWYD.

K8eee Sun 26-Jul-15 20:22:12

the height/age restriction is 12 years or 135 cm so I'd say give him another month or the summer holidays and he'll be able to be off of it.

personally I wouldn't chance it just because you could get prosecuted if the police were to pull you over and check confused

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