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Formula change - SMA to Aptimal

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Moominy12 Sun 26-Jul-15 15:55:34

My DD is 3weeks&3days old. Since birth she's been on sma milk. She's on gaviscon for reflux but made her very constipated so hv advised sma comfort milk and stop the gaviscon.

I've been doing this for 4 days, she's passing poo brilliantly now and not in pain that end but noticed she's finding it harder to wind now and her reflux is playing up. She's cries and dry heaves and looks like she has a bad taste in her mouth.

Google seems to slate sma milk and a lot of people have said how much their little one has been on Aptimal from SMA

I'm worried to do the change, can anyone offer advice?

K8eee Sun 26-Jul-15 19:46:15

congratulations on your new bundle smile

when dd was born she started on cow and gate, that seemed to curdle so went onto sma. she had awful trouble with winding and pooing so tried the comfort milk. this made her have diarrhea so I moved her onto aptamil and she was fine. She's now a healthy and happy nearly 16 month old. this was all within the first 6 weeks that she was born. my hv said I shouldn't of changed so rapidly but she didn't seem happy. go with what you think is best. I know it's a tenner a time but that's all your dd is eating/drinking and for the sake of her being comfortable and happy it's worth it grin

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