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Trouble changing from comfort reduced lactose milk back to normal formula- help!

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laurielou86 Fri 24-Jul-15 12:29:01

Trouble changing from comfort reduced lactose milk back to normal formula- help!

We put our 5mo baby on comfort reduced lactose formula a few months ago as she was very windy and very colicky. It was like magic! I seem to always be cycling her legs at night to get trumps out, and she can be difficult to burp but overall was much happier.

The health visitor advised we start to transition back to normal formula around 4 months. She started to be more grizzly but it culminated in a nightmare few days when she didn't open her bowels for a week and she was screaming constantly with upset tummy.
(No vomiting/possetting, has never had a formed poo)

The gp and hv queried lactose intolerance so have prescribed sma Lf lactose free formula.

She is much happier now she has poo'd, but also happier as we put her back on the comfort whilst the pharmacy ordered the new formula in.

Three questions
Has anyone kept their baby on comfort formula for a long time- like upto 12 months? What did you do when weaning?

Should we just keep her on the comfort or try the new one?

Am nervous to give the new formula because then we were advised she should be lactose/dairy free until she is like 4 years old when you can try reintroduce them

Grateful for any advice

bananapickle84 Fri 24-Jul-15 14:49:37

My DS has been on comfort milk since he was about 12 weeks and is still on it now at 10.5 months. I tried putting him on normal formula again when he was 6 months but he got constipated again and was really uncomfortable.

As for weaning I just use formula wherever milk is needed. However, you may find that your DD can take processed dairy better then she can take milk. This is the case with my 4 yr old DD who was on comfort milk and then had major issues going onto cows milk. She now eats normal yogurts and cheese but can't have milk so has the Lactofree Milk.

My DS (who is 10 months) is still on comfort milk but can eat normal yogurt and cheese so I think he is similar to his big sister. Not sure whether I'll try him on cows milk at 12 months as we had so much trouble with our DD.

I'm impressed that you've managed to get health care professionals to listen. I never have been able to even when my DD ended up in hospital due to the extent of her constipation. I've just had to make the decisions myself.

Did they say why they are prescribing lactofree formula when your DD has been fine on comfort? Or is it just because it can be free on prescription?

Hope some of that waffle is helpful!!

laurielou86 Sat 25-Jul-15 13:13:40

Hi bananapickle84- I am so grateful for your reply! Relief to know we aren't be only ones struggling and that there is some hope!!

That's great you managed to get your little ones on some dairy food at least.
What happened with your little girl when you tried the cows milk at 12 months? Constipation and stomach upset? How awful that she ended up in hospital at one point.

I think the gp didn't consider just suggesting we go back on the comfort- just said to try the lactose free formula.
But because pharmacy had to order it during the interim we put her on comfort.
She is happier overall but the last few nights she's woken up half hourly crying because she needs to trump and I'm cycling her legs and massaging her tummy.
So she's still not perfect on the comfort. Not sure if that's just "her" or if that's lactose intolerance though. Oh man!

One idea I had in the early hours this morning, was that we "tank her up" in the evenings to try help her sleep longer at night, but maybe by feeding so much in evening this is giving her the terrible wind at night, cuz she isn't as bad in the day.
Maybe will avoid doing that tonight!!!

Thanks again bananapickle ��
Laurie x

butterfly86 Sat 25-Jul-15 20:22:16

Dd went on comfort formula at 5 weeks old and didn't go back on normal formula until around 10 months, her poos were hard sometimes once we changed and she had to have lactulose now and again to soften it. We recently changed her to cows milk as she turned 1 and she's great on that, loves to drink it and has much softer poos and lots of them! Don't worry about changing back if your dd is more settled on the comfort there's no reason why they can't stay on it until 12 months.

dairyfreequeen Sun 26-Jul-15 19:37:03

i dont know about formula but i would say if your gp think dd has an allergy you should be getting a referral to a dietitian and paed. My ds has a cows milk protein allergy (different and much more common than a lactose intolerance) and we are back to the the dietitian when he turns 1 to discuss gradually trying the milk ladder, so it may not be necessary to wait as long as you thought.

laurielou86 Thu 30-Jul-15 08:07:41

Butterfly86- that's so helpful Thankyou. That's great she managed to get onto cows milk. Is good to know my Lo can be on comfort for a few more months.

I tried her on the lactose free formula- and it doesn't seem much different if I'm honest. Still lots of horrid trapped wind and crying with upset tummy.
I could ask for the hydrolysed formula in case it's cows milk protein intolerance . If she is no better on that then I would have to conclude that it is just who she is, that she is just a windy baby who needs comfort formula.

She was on sma comfort but I have heard great things about the aptamil comfort so could try that as well.

She has been on lactose free for 4 days- how quickly would I see an improvement if it was lactose intolerance?


dairyfreequeen Thu 30-Jul-15 10:40:45

laurie unless she's had a big gastric upset lactose intolerance is very uncommon in babies, cows milk protein allergy is much more common (its possible your gp doesnt know that, from what ive read). Most babies grow out of it. Id try the hydrolysed formulas if i were you.

My ds has cmpa, i feel quite fobbed off with the colic explanation as thats what we were told until his symptoms got much worse and he was hospitalised. In hindsight, my niece's colic, silent reflux and eczema was probably cmpa too but we didnt know that was a thing at the time and the hv told my sister her feeding issues were behavioural!

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