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Summer hols and age gap! Tips please ðŸ˜28;

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jellyjiggles Wed 22-Jul-15 15:45:53

Ds is 8, dd is terrible 2!

They're at home for summer holidays. I've got something most days to do just for an hour or so to get us out the house.

Dd is difficult. She's an escapee toddler who needs strapping in to keep safe unless in a 3 mile fieldhmm. She wants to do everything her brother is doing and wants everything he has! She bites, screams and kicks off at the slightest thing and generally hard to manage because she's just too young to understand.

Trips out are hard hard work and today for the 3rd day it's ended in a tantrum, ds is fed up and I get very stressed. I'm not dealing with her very well.

Parks are hard because I can't watch them both and dd wants to play with the big kids. Craft stuff she ends up losing it, getting bored fast or helping ds which ends up with him getting cross with her.

She will only nap in the car while it's moving or her cot. We can't eat out easily with her because she has various food allergies.

I don't know how to deal with this!

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