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Do all cloth pocket nappies have the slit at the back? Why?

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Anticyclone Wed 22-Jul-15 14:53:15

We have some little lamb pocket nappies and I've just realised that it makes no sense that the slit to insert the boosters is at the back of the nappy.

Generally when DS poos it isn't contained in the liner and it spills out into the back of the nappy and all over the slit. This makes it a real pain to wipe off the poo as some of it has gone inside the slit, and some is on the little flap. If the slit was at the front of the nappy, then the back would be all continuous and easier to clean.

I can't see the slit being at the front causing any problems with wee, it should all just soak in as normal.

Do all pocket nappies have the slit at the back? Is this a design fault? Or am I missing something obvious?

MoominaMama Wed 22-Jul-15 15:21:07

We have charlie bananna nappies and the slit is at the front. It would really annoy me at the back for the reasons you point out.

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