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6 month old unenthusiastic about milk? Just us?

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Fluffy24 Mon 20-Jul-15 20:13:05

Sorry I know there's a similar post about an 8 month old with similar issue but didn't want to hijack.

My DS is 6 months old and really likes his solid food, very varied diet including things like cheese, baked beans, veggies etc. But as he gets hungrier he seems to only want more solid food i.e. baby getting grumpy and hungry, apparently appalled at the prospect of a BF or milk in his sippy cup (cue arched back, howling etc), but give him some rice, broccoli and baked beans and he is thrilled.

He was having a couple of night time milk feeds so I wasn't too worried as I reckoned he was likely to be getting enough but he's recently started sleeping through on some nights.

Wary of mentioning to HV as she never appears to really listen to me properly, then trots out the health boards official line ("I'm not insured to discuss blw").

Is this just a phase?

KatyN Mon 20-Jul-15 20:59:10

I said this on the other thread too... Monitor his calcium and leave him be. Mine now adores milk but hated it when we introduced food.

MilkRunningOutAgain Mon 20-Jul-15 21:02:12

My DD was similar, I weaned a bit late at 7 months but by 8 / 9 months she refused milk and loved her meals, eating a wide variety of things. We saw a nutritionist ( she had bad reflux and wasn't gaining weight well until she was weaned ) and he said no milk was ok provided we included lots of other dairy in her diet, so lots of yogurt and cheese sauces, which she loved. We had a problem with constipation as hard to get her to drink enough, make sure your DS drinks plenty! I think I would continue to offer milk regularly as 6 months is very young, but you can't make a baby drink it, and if he is eating a good variety, and continuing to put on weight, he should be fine.

Latium123 Mon 20-Jul-15 21:03:22

A similar thing happened to my DD when we started introducing solids around 6 mo. She was very fussy at the boob and just fought when I tried to give her milk by BF. I took advice at the time and from what I could gather it is quite common and the best thing to do is just keep offering the boob but don't push it, express if you're worried about keeping supply up but otherwise just keep at it and they will soon return to taking the milk they need. Apparently it is very very unusual for a baby under a year old to self-wean from milk in the sense of just stopping taking the milk they need (but obviously they do reduce the amount over time as you up solids). I think introducing solids can temporarily distract them from milk. In my case, we had a few weeks of the fussiness and rejecting the boob but she just settled down and started taking it again with no problems. So in our case it was just a phase. I hope it is for you too. Also, it may be something other than solids causing the strike, it could be teething or just developmental stage.

This article may help

Fluffy24 Tue 21-Jul-15 11:38:31

He is teething Latium so that might not be helping matters. I'll keep going with the other dairy - sent him to nursery this morning with cheddar and philly in his lunch!

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