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How to speed up a 3yo

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SpinMyBaby Mon 20-Jul-15 13:42:55

Any tips on getting my 3yo DS to do things a bit more quickly? He currently takes ages over tasks like washing his hands, finishing his food, and will also faff for ages before doing what we ask.

We've tried things like reward charts and races ("See if you can do x before I do y"), but nothing is working consistently right now.

DC2 is due in a couple of weeks which is making me more impatient and grumpy than usual which doesn't help either of us! I realise that sometimes we should try to slow down/leave more time for him, but it's not always possible.

So any tips or tricks to speed things up?

nutelladipper Mon 20-Jul-15 13:49:28

My near 5 year old is like this. It's a pain in the derrière! He's always has too. He often clocks onto any new "challenges"!
I've DC3 due in a few weeks and I feel your pain.
No tips as still haven't figured it out.

Roseybee10 Mon 20-Jul-15 17:36:13

Dd is like this but tbh I feel bad chivvying her along. I realised I was telling her to hurry up all the time when it was me who needed her to hurry up. Now I just leave more time to do things rather than be on her case all the time as she was getting upset and worried that I was going to moan at her for taking too long.

I think they're taking things in so much at that age and everything is a learning process so to rush it may be counter productive.

I know how frustrating it is though. X

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