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I need a break! Do you ever feel like this?

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Mimisnuffkin Sat 18-Jul-15 11:11:44

I need a break so bad i could cry, i have shouted at my son already (2.5yrs) for attention seeking behaviour (not that bad either) i know the solution is to get a break, this isnt an option but i just want to know if its normal to feel like this?

Chimchar Sat 18-Jul-15 11:24:15

totally normal in my experience.

The important thing to do is to get that break...if you can't palm your ds off on someone, pop him in the buggy and get out for a walk. Some fresh air will do you both good. Then if he nods off, pop somewhere for a coffee and enjoy some peace and quiet whilst he sleeps. If he doesn't, go home and let the TV babysit him for an hour while you switch off for a bit.

some days are tough, but tomorrow is a new day. Hope today gets better x

worldsworstmum2015 Sat 18-Jul-15 12:21:48

All totally normal like pp said put him in front of some cartoons for a bit it will do him no harm

Griffomais Sat 18-Jul-15 12:37:10

Totally normal - I have felt like you do for over a week. Some days/ weeks are just particularly bad. My DH has been away with work for 3 weeks and I must admit to having a cry at the half way point as I was mentally and physically exhausted. Can anyone take your DS for even a hour to give you some breathing space?

MissBattleaxe Sat 18-Jul-15 12:39:49

You poor thing. I've been there too. Get yourself a time out somehow- anyhow! and come back to it with fresh eyes. Totally normal.

PermaShattered Sun 19-Jul-15 21:52:13

You'd be so NOT normal not to feel like this at times! Do try go have a break of some sorts - even if it's just making sure spend an evening chilling when he's asleep (instead of housework, for instance). Do you have any support network?

Oly4 Sun 19-Jul-15 21:54:28

Yes, I feel like this often! Get a break however you can. Tomorrow is another day. We've all shouted at our children and then felt like we were too heavy-handed

Kiwiinkits Mon 20-Jul-15 23:34:59

I need a break every second day from my kids. That is why I work smile. Hope that helps.

rosesanddaisies Tue 21-Jul-15 16:37:15

I can't even just"pop" out for a walk with the buggy with my DS, he's NEVER fallen asleep in a buggy, screams bloody murder adm thrashes like a possessed demon child. The local parks are covered in dog crap so even that's impossible. Thank god I have a garden, he just goes in that but i also never, EVER, have a break. No coffee mornings, no friends, no shops, no restaurants etc.

ApplesTheHare Tue 21-Jul-15 21:45:31

Yep, normal! Can you get a break?

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